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The Farmer's Market just recently opened up in Great Falls.  We have such a bountiful farmer's market...just not with fruits and veggies. Instead, we have a beaucoup of local artisans and small businesses that set up shop.  I found this beautiful stone cross necklace and have been wearing it frequently.  It was such a charming and perfect piece to get right before I left for Young Life camp.  It's one of my favorite accessories.


If you haven't heard of Val Woerner's prayer journals from Val Marie Paper, you need to check out her site ASAP.  I have several Instagram and blogger friends who are obsessed (btw, that's my word of the week) with these journals.  Again, I felt a strong push to get these before YL  camp because I knew I would be praying for so many things in my life and for so many people.  It was such a perfect thing to accompany me to camp.  


Before we left for camp, Katie (our Great Falls Young Life Director) and I went craftin' it up.  We thought that these would be a fun twist on a classic childhood favorite for our girls.  I made these ball chain necklaces with letter beads for each of our beautiful young ladies.  Coming up with the sayings was a lot of fun but also a sad reminder that I'm aging.  Ugh...I'm only 24!


 I LOVE vintage pieces, whether it's jewelry or books and I especially love theme parties.  Combine the two and I am in heaven.  Excited to blog more about this project in the future but for now, it's under wraps!


I was at camp while it was Father's Day so my papa got a very staticky voicemail from a canyon phone in a desert in Oregon.  Yay for phone calling cards and pay phones (yes, they still exist).  I sent my dad this card from Sweet Perversion for Father's Day.  It's inappropriate, hilarious, and fun- just like us.


We have the start of a beautiful women's faith group on base and the most recent meeting focused on the book, Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo.  It's an amazing story about a little boy who essentially dies and goes to heaven but returns to life (yes, a true story).  I'm not here to convince you to believe in having a relationship with Christ, but this is such a beautiful story about faith.  Our group ended up playing an icebreaker where we had a partner and drew their "version of heaven."  It was hilarious, child-like, and a lot of fun.  It was also inspiring to break down a lot of complicated, yet hopeful passages throughout the book.  I think the most moving aspect, for me, was hearing about women who miscarried their babies and what this book said to them.  It's a great book and one that I highly recommend.

What have you been up to lately?  

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