Thursday, November 10, 2016

Weather Worn Feather Shop Feature

Weather Worn Feather
S H O P  F E A T U R E
Hand-painted Signs & Reclaimed Wood Decor

As I move from my life in missiles, one of the things that I miss and appreciate the most are the wonderful people that I met in that chapter of my life.  Two of those people are Jake and Melissa Lair. Jake served as a crew commander and flight commander to me.  He and his wife are two of the nicest folks you could ever meet and I am so excited to share with my readers about the Lairs' newest endeavor, Weather Worn Feather.

Lumberjack Sign- Lumberjack Wood sign- Woodland Nursery Decor- Plaid Woodland Decor- Boy Nursery- Woodland Nursery- Baby Boy Shower- Rustic

Melissa sent me the Lumberjack Set for Will's room and you can see more of his room here.  These three adorable signs are just a small sample of the gorgeous work they do.  I am definitely eyeing up the advent calendar ;)

My name is Melissa, and I am a wife, mother, designer and artist.  My husband, Jake, and I launched the Weather Worn Feather out of our basement last March, combining a lot of our passions (painting, reclaiming building materials, interior design, etc.) into one central focus.  What began as us sharing the style we have curated in our own home, quickly became something our customers have fallen in love with and business has been growing leaps and bounds ever since. 

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While we have always loved doing projects together, our first “Reclaimed. Restored. Refined. ” (or what we call the 3Rs) project was an antique piano we found in Montana.  A few packages of sandpaper, a gallon of paint, and countless hours later, we were hooked and haven’t stopped creating together ever since.  The name “Weather Worn Feather” took us a few months to finally decide on, but ultimately combined one of God’s most beautiful and intricate creations (the feather) with our favorite medium (weathered wood).  The name stuck and we’ve used it ever since!

Advent Calendar- Christmas Advent- Christmas Countdown- Christmas Gift- Advent Countdown- Christmas Traditions- Holiday Calendar-Advent Wood

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we’ve been working extra hard on our holiday line.  There are two designs we are very excited about and encourage everyone to take a look at on our Etsy shop, Weather Worn Feather.  The first is an advent calendar that we designed with our own home in mind!  It has the classic weathered look we are known for, along with a beautiful Christmas inspired floral arrangement.  The second is a line of smaller signs that really compliment the advent calendar or will look amazing as standalone pieces.  They also feature a similar weathered look and floral arrangement, but are more simply designed with one hand painted word or phrase (like “Peace” or “Merry Christmas”).  These items (like the majority of our products) can even be customized with a name, special quote or Bible verse, or favorite saying. 

If anyone would like to know more about us or are interested in our items they can visit our website at  And if someone has an idea for a custom piece that they’d love to have in their home, they can email us at We love taking our customers’ Pinterest board or dream design piece and making it reality!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Adventure-Themed Nursery

Adventure-Themed Nursery
Creating the Perfect Room for Our Little Explorer

When I was first pregnant and also exploring the option of fostering while I was stationed in Montana, I wanted to create a baby nursery that was not gender-specific. I loved the idea of having an adventure-themed nursery because there is so much you can do with that theme. Ultimately I wanted our future baby (babies) to believe in their dreams and want to explore everything around them.

I had already a set up nursery while we were in Montana and then we moved.  Having a new nursery space, presented a blank canvas for decorating. At this point in time, it became "Will's room." It's still not quite done. There's an entire wall in which I'm dreaming up ideas of how to decorate it around his name and I have a few ideas but here is what Will's room looks like now:

One of our baby showers (we were blessed with two) was an outdoor adventure/camping themed shower. My father-in-law, Steve, created these awesome directional signs. After the party, he dismantled it but kept "William's Party" which decorates the entranceway to his room.

His room is whimsical, magical, and perfect for us and still a work in progress!

I loved the idea having the room be an adventure in progress. There are airplanes, hot air balloons, and adventure messages everywhere.

Since Will has his name on a prominent wall, I wanted to incorporate our family's last name in the adventure and that happened through a sky writing airplane. I made the clouds or the "smoke" through bending crafting wire and wrapping poly-fill around it.  Watch your fingers because hot glue is not forgiving with this craft.

Will doesn't currently sleep in this room, hence the tons of stuffed animals IN the crib.  I love Lit Bit Funky's Ho Hos (aka the funny looking stuffed animal monsters).  I've collected several for Will that are often based on adventures like the Ninja Turtles, space travel, and Where the Wild Things Are.  I also have a Paul Bunyan and then a custom "Ryan" doll. 

I collected the letters at Michael's over the summer and they were all on sale.

Living in military housing, the idea of painting seems like a nightmare, so I go with wall decals. Using vinyl and my Silhouette, I made these triangle decals which make a nice statement wall that is easy to remove when necessary.

His collage wall is still growing and we have canvases and prints from boutiques, Target, and Hobby Lobby.

To keep the adventure going, Will needed animal friends in hot air balloons.  I want him to see his room as this avenue for creativity and imaginative play.

All of my materials came from Hobby Lobby and included a paper party lantern, two different styles of rope, mini baskets, burlap bags, and hot glue.

The little animals were collected overtime and gifted to Will. This is a Jellycats dinosaur that I got at Young Life camp before I was pregnant.

These two signs were gifted to us by our friend Lynae from the shop, Wild Goat Design.

The giant dream catcher was made by me and I am so excited to feature the wooden animal signs that were given to us by our friends Jake and Melissa Lair who recently started Weather Worn Feather.

My next blog post is an exclusive interview with Melissa from Weather Worn Feather and they have gorgeous home decor products that you will definitely want in your home. Check out our next post!

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Welcome to Little Fierce Mama

“Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.” – Tina Fey
I stopped blogging for awhile because I felt like I had lost my passion and purpose. After an internship that was very educational in creating online content, I was admittedly left exhausted at capturing and styling pretty photos.  I felt like I was losing the blogging experience that I wanted as I started to compare myself to Instagram bloggers with tens of thousands of followers.  Their life, which I knew wasn't perfect, seemed really beautiful...all of the time. That level of comparison took the joy out of it for me and I stopped writing all together.  I also felt worn out at how much work that I knew went into these posts to make them look lovely and half of the time, I just wanted to talk about my day and what I was going through.

As I went through my pregnancy and postpartum care, I realized that I wanted to document so much of it but became reluctant because it wasn't "perfect." The sad thing was that in feeling like I couldn't compete with Pinterest and Instagram bloggers, I missed out on documenting certain aspects. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I became fine with taking iPhone pictures and slapping an app graphic onto them because ultimately capturing the moment was my only priority.  I'm so glad I did. It doesn't have to be perfect to still be special and worthwhile.

As I was recovering, I spent so much time pouring over blogs and articles to research breastfeeding and my postpartum care that I wanted to share what I had learn and to become a resource for moms and parents alike. I found my passion for writing and connecting with people to have been rekindled and I just wanted to dive in. I know others moms who are so hard on themselves and I want to become their cheerleader and simply tell them, "you're doing a great job." 

I finally felt connected to the idea of Little Fierce Mama.

This space is me learning. This space is where I'm sharing what it's like to be a first time mom. This space is where I confide on the challenges that I face being a full time working mother who is an active duty military officer. This space is where I want to laugh and share my joy with those who are up late at night, watching over their children or are pumping to make sure their baby has breastmilk for daycare.  This space is where I want to explore topics that interest me and you. I'll probably craft a little and do DIYs that are a little different than what I've done in the past but that's because my life IS different.

 Welcome to Little Fierce Mama. I'm so glad you're here :)

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