Sunday, June 5, 2016

MamAmor Dolls Review

Mamamor Dolls
Positive and Friendly Birth Education Tools

MamAmor Dolls are handmade birth education dolls that are not only resourceful but gorgeous! I believe that one of the best ways of learning is through interaction and these dolls not only allow for conversations on anatomy and birth education with children, but also opening up discussions for adults and taking some of the "fear" that has surrounded birth for so long.

I did not receive free product for this review, this is just a product that I really enjoy. For those who are interested in birth education or promoting birth positivity, I think this product is right up your alley.

Mother Blessing: A Baby Shower Alternative

Mother Blessing
A Baby Shower Alternative

While I put "alternative" in the title of this post, I think a Mother Blessing is a great ADDITION to a baby shower for so many reasons.

A Mother Blessing is a ceremony that focuses on a small group of women supporting someone who is (usually) going through a pregnancy. I haven't seen one for adoption or foster care but I think it's a great idea and if any of my friends would like one for any reason involving motherhood, I am so down!