Friday, January 8, 2016

Pregnancy 4 Weeks Update

How far along: 4 Weeks
Gender: We don't know yet!
Weight gain: Hahaha you got jokes don't ya? I actually don't think I've gained anything. The foopa is masking this.
Maternity clothes: My love for leggings conveniently transcends all social scenarios. I'm still fitting in all of my clothes but quickly realizing that I really want to take advantage of #DressTheBump and wear cute clothes, even if they're not necessarily maternity.
Sleep: Sleep is normal - wishing I was getting more of it but that's more due to work and less with pregnancy.
Best moment this month: We found out that I was pregnant right before New Year's Eve. I had taken three pregnancy tests leading up to going to the med group.  I was on alert and going to miss the window to get tested. I called ahead and the Women's Health Clinic made an exception for me - they're the best!
Worst moment this month: Stress from work. I've become pretty adamant about respecting my time off, saying "no," and delegating. 
Miss anything: The option to lose weight. I wish I had focused more on working out before getting pregnant. Everything has changed now and I'm trying to create the best environment for my little babe.
Movement: Nothing yet but I can feel my body changing! It's crazy :)
Cravings: Orange juice and Amish store gummy bears.
Queasy or sick: I feel queasy often but nothing serious enough to vom - wahoo!
Looking forward to: My first doctor's appointment at the start of February.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016