Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pregnancy 5 Weeks Update

How far along: 5 Weeks
Gender: I've actually been debating whether we want to find out or just have it be a surprise.
Weight gain: Still the same weight but I feel a lot of pressure to get enough fruits, veggies, milk, etc. I've been avoiding sweets and unnecessary junk food though. Power to the pregnancy!
Maternity clothes: Nothing yet but I'm sure I'll be exploring Target next paycheck.
Sleep: Sleep just started getting a little weird. I actually had to take a nap during the Packer's game (they won!) because I got super tired and at bedtime, this is totally TMI but I had gas that prevented me from sleeping. Yeah what the hell is that?! I conveniently was at a Young Life slumber party for our girls and was there with my best-friend Brittany. She wonderfully was concerned about me as I got up in the middle of the night and all I did was turn to her and said I'm worried that I'm going to be fart city while I sleep. #pregnancyproblems
Best moment this week: I found out that I was my MAJCOM's nominee for the National Public Service Award. It's been a great start to this week! I also got my referrals from Tricare for my doctor and breast pump! Whoop whoop! Thanks insurance! I was a little worried because my referral had a random doctor's name on there but alas, all is well and I can change it.
Worst moment this week: We're kind of in a waiting period with my job and potentially moving with the Air Force.  I really want more information on where I'm going next and if we're moving. I usually have a really busy schedule combined with an intense drive to work late, work hard, and get sh*t done. However, this baby is my top priority right now and I feel like I'm in a bind where I need to express to people that I'm not spending extra hours on things that are not needed right now or were procrastinated on by other folks. 
Miss anything: I've been watching New Girl and fixin' on having some Sangria. 
Movement: Nothing yet but this week there's been more intense changes in the uterus area. Yep, no way to make that sound sexier. 
Cravings: Those damn gummy bears and I haven't gotten any yet!
Queasy or sick: Not sick yet get it get it! A little queasy but fine.
Looking forward to: C'mon doctor's appointment!

It's been a weird week because as I approach week 6, I've had very light spotting. So light that I'm not worried enough to call a doctor or visit the hospital. However, please pray for us. I just hope that the baby is healthy and that I have a healthy, safe, and happy pregnancy. Thanks everyone!!

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