Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Choosing Honest Diapers

I collaborated with the Honest Co. in writing a post about Honest products. While I haven't tried their prenatal vitamins or skin care line, our family started using Honest diapers for Will and we love them.

When we first used them, I'm pretty sure a box was gifted to us during one of our amazing diaper raffles. If you're having a baby shower and plan on using disposable diapers- have a diaper raffle! It set us up for success for so many months and it gives you the opportunity to try out several different brands to see what you like.

We were really big fans of up&up diapers (Target brand), so much so that we used them for several months and then all of a sudden Will kept getting diaper rashes.  Of course this happened while I was at a military training with him. I was attending a school program during the day and at night, trying to figure out my baby's diaper rash.  I knew his care provider, who is practically family now, was letting him air dry between diaper changes, applying a barrier cream, etc. Every night I was doing baths with baking soda and letting him air dry for hours or even sleeping without a diaper on. It would get better for a couple of days and then return.

I knew it wasn't a yeast infection because of the healing process. However, I felt so bad for my baby's bottom!

That's when my millennial self turned to some of my favorite mom forums online. I asked other moms if they noticed diaper rashes with Target brand diapers. I had a theory that Target may have changed their diaper formulas and probably introduced a chemical that was irritating my baby's skin.

So many people had the same experience!

Their recommendations included using water, air drying and giving Honest another try.  Another try? Yes, well we did try them once and thought the prints were cute but the cost of Target diapers and that amazing blue line that appeared when a diaper was wet had me in that direction. Ugh that blue line is probably a skin irritant!

I was so ready to get rid of these diaper rashes once and for all.  I was also eager to try a different product that was more environmentally friendly and better for baby.  If you don't know, I probably check off 9/10 boxes when it comes to your stereotypical crunchy mom.

We drove to Target and picked up a box of Honest diapers. I kid you not, that rash went away almost immediately. I was so livid that the up&up diapers had caused my baby such discomfort, especially since they changed the formula.  Consider us converted!

Now our family uses more environmentally-friendly 'sposies (mom-slang). Honest diapers are great with my son's skin, we don't have leaks and the prints are incredibly cute.  As of right now, we've been picking them up at our local Targets but they have a great subscription service that we're looking into (aka cost savings).  The other 'sposie that we're also used are Seventh Generation brand- also another environmentally conscious brand. The differences we've seen are the types of prints and the stretch with the velcro straps. We've seen the same performance from both brands, so we don't really consider one better than the other. It really comes down to price and Honest is simply a favorite in our household.

Apart from the diapers, Honest wipes are amazing! They're thick and don't tear apart easily. That was a huge complaint of mine with different brands of wipes.  If the wipe is falling apart as you're trying to get it out the package, it's not going to be able to handle a blowout. When I was unsure of the Honest diapers at our first go at them, I knew that if I didn't choose the diaper, I was still going to continue picking up their wipes.  Seriously, one wipe could handle an entire blowout. #praisehands

We're also fans of Water Wipes and Seventh Generation wipes.  Water Wipes can sometimes be a little much and ultimately be soaking, no joke-sopping, wet. Seventh Generation doesn't have the thickness of Honest wipes, but doesn't contain icky chemicals either.  

We moved in this direction because of diaper rashes, but it also helped us become more aware of baby products that are filled with unnecessary chemicals. While I can't have my baby running around naked all of the time, I can choose products that are safe for his skin, have a minimal footprint on the environment and work really well.

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