Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Etsy Favorites: Wooly Roo Dolls by kniteeney

About a year ago, I discovered Waldorf dolls. They are these German dolls, often made out of natural and/or recycled fibers. I joke around and call myself the bourgeois hippy but I actually do appreciate a well-made product.  What I really like about Waldorf toys is that this can easily be turned into a family heirloom.  They're beautiful dolls and custom made. Each one is a unique product since they are handmade.  I originally frequented the Bambolleta Dolls site, however, with so many fans, the time it takes to get a doll is a year+.  Not only that, but they do not allow custom orders.  Essentially how Bambolleta works is on a system of pre-made dolls and it turns into a free-for-all for its customers.  I just really wanted one and so began my search for this unique product.

One thing to be cautious of is the price tag. These dolls are over $100. The Bambolleta ones can be over $200 and I've seen some Waldorfs for $500.  I began pouring over Etsy, attempting to find something that was not outrageously expensive and still a beautiful product and I found, Wooly Roo Dolls.  What caught my eye was the 15-inch, Fiery Fae doll.  She reminded me of an adorable Irish lass and being a halfsie, I had to get her!

The shop owner Nadine is the sweetest lady! She truly works hard to personalize the product and we chatted about me being recently married and how I just really loved these dolls.  Essentially I hope to pass these down to my future children.  I ordered a 15-inch Fiery Fae with Red Variegated Merino hair, nose and thumbs.  Nadine also made the doll's outfit out of a recycled sweater. Very green friendly!
Cost: $150.00 + shipping = $160.00

I just got her in today and it took less than two weeks!


 Now all I need to do is name her! Have a fantastic week, y'all!

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