Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Home Decoration of 2012!

After finally moving to the west coast, my life has slowed down significantly. I now am living at Camp Pendleton on a completely different side of the base, but I like it! I'm not one to enjoy slowing down and so I took a trip to Hobby Lobby in Laguna with one of my best-friends, Ashley. Finally, I got the opportunity to stock up on crafting supplies! After roaming my Pinterest board, "Martha Stewartin' It Up," I made a list of several home decorations that I wanted to make and that could be used in any military home that we may have. So here's the first decoration that I made: "In this home" canvas. I looked up several different canvases with similar themes to them and chose what I wanted it to say based on that. The canvas I bought was one of the largest available and cost me $19.99, acrylic paint from Master's Touch in Raw Umber cost a little over $3 and then I needed to buy paint brushes, so I bought a nice set for $12. If you already have these materials, it can definitely be a project that costs under $25.  I prefer to freehand all of my art, so I made up an InDesign document (you can do the same thing in Word) and typed it all up.  I took a pen and freehanded the outlines of all the text.  This took me several hours and I expanded it over two days.  Keep in mind this is making sure my German Shepherd puppy, Holly, doesn't walk all over it while this is occurring.  Painting it took another couple of hours but I loved how it turned out and I can't wait to hang it up!

All of the sayings are very meaningful to my little family of me and Ryan.  I think it's a message to all those who enter our home but also shows what we value.  I am so excited to make more things and learn more recipes.

xoxo KIM

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