Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Glitter in Her Veins: Glitter Eyelids for NYE 2013

New Year's Eve was so much fun! Our friend Hannah hosted a small get together with friends to commemorate the new year and we had a blast.  I seriously need to get Just Dance for XBOX because I LOVE that game!  It's a good, quick cardio workout that's for sure.

After seeing so many fantastic Instagram posts about glittery eyes for New Year's, I just knew that I had to at least give it a shot and I loved how they turned out.  Paired with my aqua sparkle top, I seriously felt like a mermaid and I probably belonged at an Atlantic City party more than in Montana but I totally didn't care.
Fake eyelashes here
No fake lashes here

If you're interested in getting the look, I used Carli Bybel's tutorial and posted it below.  I think she's super fun =] Problems that I ran into while attempting the look were the brand of fake eyelashes I used (not my favorite brand).  They were very thick and had a mind of their own (boooooo).  I have used fake eyelashes since high school for major events or pictures because they make your eyes POP but I wasn't a fan of these ones.  I also wish I had liquid eyeliner.  I only had pencil and cream pot ones and that made it difficult to add more definition over the glitter.  I also didn't have MAC's Fix + but I do use Skindinavia's All Nighter Make-up spray so I used that, as well as a small amount of eyelash glue, over my lids to create a concrete base and it worked flawlessly.  Now if only my eyelashes were more cooperative.

This picture was a little too dark originally and ladies always look so fabulous with that New Year's Eve glow :)

I hope you had an amazing NYE!
Do you do resolutions or one little word or both?
2014 is going to be fabulous, fierce, bold, crazy, and amazing!
I simply cannot wait =]


  1. Oh my gosh, that video of Conan at American Girl is priceless. That's so sweet what you did for your mom! I always have a hard time getting my mom something she'd like, much less something that fulfills a childhood dream : )

  2. Your glitter and eyelashes look fantastic!! Hope you had fun!