Monday, February 24, 2014

Why Don't Adults Pass Out Valentines?

Images from Valentine's Day

I realized this past Valentine's Day that adults don't really pass out valentines anymore. 

This made me very sad.

I saw these incredibly adorable valentine ideas off of Pinterest.  
You can check out my Cupid board to see for yourself.

But then I saw these amazing large (and small) toy soldiers at the Dollar Tree.
So I had to make some valentines.

Heart cardstock from Michael's
Stamping set
Ink pad
Baker's Twine
Small Toy Soldiers
Large Toy Soldiers (4 in a pack)

I made so many and some of them turned out meh with my stamping...

But people loved them!

I was able to pass them out to friends and co-workers and it was a great time.

So this is my proposal:

Adults pass out valentines.
We are too bitter and too old.
Stop it.

I had a great Valentine's Day with Ryan-o-Bryan. I got him a new phone case and he got me charms for my Pandora bracelet.  We had a simple meal at home and from there we decided to spend the night doing different things.  I think we're at a great point in our life where we don't have to do everything together so we don't.  I also am starting to have more realistic expectations- thank goodness :)

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  1. Those are super cute Valentines! I think you should start a movement to get adults to enjoy VDay more! I will be your first convert!