Friday, March 21, 2014

Small Town Parades


Small town parades are so great! Great Falls is super adorable about throwing several small town parades throughout the year.  This is the first town that I've lived in that has several small parades. 


Brittany and I were randomly exploring the downtown area last weekend and all of a sudden it became apparent that there was going to be a St. Patrick's Day parade!


We saw our co-worker Tyler rocking out on the bagpipes! We later learned that he started to learn once he got to Great Falls.  The Scottish Rite provides free lessons. Definitely want to check that out!



There were so many dogs!  People had them in green shirts and sporting green fur :)


One of my favorite things about these parades is all of the creativity.  You've got organizations with various budgets and they created some of the cutest things!


We saw my sponsee (or sponsoree?), Allison, from work as one of the coaches for the Sparkettes, a baton-twirling team.  She was literally twirling fire- so neat!


There was a big crowd throughout the entire parade and like I said earlier, so many dogs.  I believe these are wolfhounds and they are ginormous!



We have a really sweet trolley, like Kenosha, that does trolley tours of the city and there are even historical tours of the old brothels.  Haven't gone on one of those yet but it's definitely on my Great Falls bucket list.



I took the picture on the left, solely for the quilt pattern ;)




It was such a cute parade and the turnout from the city was so fantastic! Definitely wish they had more music and definitely more marching bands!

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