Thursday, March 20, 2014

Family Life Update


This past weekend was pretty awesome! I got the notification that my third grad class was about to start on Monday (which I almost forgot about- totally normal for me) and so I was able to get my books squared away on Amazon.  I also got my first 100 on an essay in the course. CHYEA!  

Monday was Ryan and my third engagement anniversary.  I know people don't celebrate them but we like to keep track of it for fun :) We got engaged on St. Patrick's Day to help Ryan remember and both of our families have Irish ancestry.


Holly turned two last week and we celebrated with some new dog toys and a new dog bed.  We even got to explore PETCO's treat bar and grab the doggie versions of Oreo cookies, peanut butter cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.  Blu and Holly have been loving on their new treats!


Many of the girls got together for a girl's night out at the Montana Club.  Brit and I were running late and so by the time we go there we thought the girls changed their minds but apparently they were in a backroom at the restaurant (?).  I seriously need to learn my way around Great Falls more lol.  Brittany and I ended up having a date night anyways and went out to shoot pool at a local bar.  I gave up any type of alcohol/beer/soda for Lent and I don't really drink anyways.  Admittedly that was more for my current health and exercise endeavors but I am enjoying drinking more water :)


These beautiful primroses or African violets (your guess is as good as mine) were purchased from this awesome floral store downtown.  Brittany and I had downtown Great Falls adventures and the floral studio is definitely one of my favorites.  It's very chic and you can even design your own terrariums there!  These reminded me of Theta pansies so I definitely had to get them :)


While walking around we stopped by Tracy's to get some breakfast.  It definitely has that old-fashioned diner feel to it.

There were tons of breakfast options and reminded me of cute diners back in Kenosha.  I ended up getting pigs in a blanket and chocolate shake- in case you were curious.


 One of my favorite things about Montana is the western culture that is infused into everything.

 The awesome cat we found as part of our downtown travels.


One of my favorite stores in GF is Planet Earth.  I've had my eye on this journal for sometime now and finally got it this weekend.  With the message, "This is your world. Shape it or someone else will," I got it as a constant reminder that I am in charge of making opportunities in my life. Don't wait to make your dreams come true.

Really sweet yarn and sewing store in the downtown area.  The ladies were having an embroidery class all together.


Dragonfly Drygoods, another favorite, was one of our last stops.  There is so much to look at in that store!  Clothes, jewelry, baby goods, shoes, etc.  The unfortunate thing is that usually the "cheapest" products are around $15.  I also find several things that I usually want whenever I'm in there.


Cupcake bath bombs!- recommended by O Magazine ;) Has anyone else noticed that Oprah recommends really expensive things?  Like $100 dish towels.  Awfully fancy dishes you're wiping down with them, obvis.


A whole section of the store is dedicated to these gorgeous signs.  There is something for everyone, from inspirational to sassy.


Earlier this week I shared about these awesome Seeds.  Definitely share a smile if you can!


Their baby section definitely doesn't help with my baby fever.  I can't wait to (hopefully) one day be able to pick a few adorable things while I'm there for my future baby.

Have you explored the area where you live?  It's rather fun and I highly recommend it!

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