Thursday, May 1, 2014

10 Life Moments That Built My Character #9

9// The "Bad Egg" Incident

There is nothing quite like being called a bad egg through national media.  It opens your eyes to a certain level of politics that you knew about in the back of your head but never realized how ballsy one could be to actually choose that in their life.  One day I will speak more on this, but that day isn't today.  I will say that from this particular experience I have learned a lot about leadership, both the good and the bad.  I have seen things that have completely baffled my mind and I have seen strong leadership arise from areas that have fallen.  I also learned a lot about media content and not just from the collegiate perspective of writing articles in J-school but the reality that sometimes the media is only given certain amounts of information and it's up to them to fill in the holes.  Sometimes that fodder makes a situation turn from bad to worse.  It also gave me perspective on what is considered news and how we choose to judge people. People have a funny way of hiding when they are feeling their lowest so I actively have to decide in each situation not to judge someone else.  I'm not one to kick someone else when they're already down.  The past four months have been an experience I will never forget.

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