Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 Life Moments That Built My Character #8

8// Attending a diversity course at UW for a semester

Holy shit. As much as opening my mind and broadening my horizons happened while working at SOL, taking a unique diversity course at UW completely changed my life.  It made me hyper aware of the world around me.  Talk about walking in someone else's shoes.  My experiences are filled with privilege and it's important to note that.  It helped me realize that although no one is perfect, there is an importance to be proactive in being empathetic to the community around you.
I'm sure I lost Facebook friends over the politically driven posts that were up on my newsfeed but I still feel that it's important to share these things because there are so many programs lacking diversity training.  The difference from how I was then to how I am now is that I understand that not everyone is coming from the same passionately driven perspective that I am.  I respect that and I believe in time, they may respect what I bring to the table as well.  

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