Thursday, July 17, 2014

So Long, Farewell: Saying Goodbye to Military Friends

I hate goodbyes and am very fond of the idea of rather saying "see you later." In the military, that's kind of true.  Eventually we'll end up at the same bases or in the same part of the United States or even deployed together.

While living here at Malmstrom we built a great friendship with our next door neighbors, Alex and Tabitha. It's crazy how the winters keep people apart here.  We hung out with them once before winter came and then didn't see them until spring.  When Alex and I were members of the CGOA board did we become really good friends. Tabitha and I are literally the same person and crazy as it is but we're from the same sorority.  Of course at this time we found out that in a few months they would be moving to Italy.  UGH

Tabitha and Alex are such a fun couple.  We had so many cookouts and game nights with them and it was a blast. They even got me to watch The Shining.

 Our lewd picture is actually a running joke where the guys kept trying to make the Theta kite and instead would make symbolic vaginas. Ignore their weirdness.

Our good friends are officially in Italy now. They have a wonderful blog and pictures of pizza dates and markets. I am officially jealous beyond all means. However, this does mean that Ryan and I get to work on passports and a trip to Italy (hopefully next year).

Although saying goodbye or see ya soon to friends is really difficult for me, meeting all of these wonderful people has been a blessing. Here's to a trip to Italy!

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  1.! What great gifts to give to friends. Bundle them in packs of 10 or 20 and encourage them to hand them out and meet up for dinner and drinks to talk about how it went. The Matthew 5:16 CLUB?!? Great idea!

  2. Don't think these 'kites' will make it into the magazine...ha!

  3. That actually might be a great Campaigners idea for Young Life. I'll have to let our city director know! :)