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Karissa's Birthday Gift Ideas

Karissa's Birthday Ideas

My wonderful friend Karissa has a birthday coming up and we jokingly said that I would put together a collage of birthday gift ideas for her but with Polyvore, it was totally possible and a lot of fun! So here is what I chose for Karissa's "birthday gift idea" list.

1// Modcloth dresses in a scarlet red and a velvet emerald green.
I think Karissa would look AMAZEBALLS in these two dresses plus one is more subdued and sophisticated and the other is bold yet classic.  They are two very mature looks that are great for women our age.  We're not that old but I'm also not running around showing my mid-riff.

2// Hello Merch- I'm So Tired Tee
Grad school + work + being engaged is well, pretty exhausting and I thought this humorous t-shirt is perfect for grocery run days and lounging around.

3// Book Check out Tee
I have a feeling that Karissa might enjoy the phrase, "I live for books" and this library checkout tee is perfect for any bibliophile.

4//Tan Utility Coat
This screams grad school function.  It's stylish but versatile to work with many seasons and many outfits. 

5// Leopard flats and mint green pumps
I know Karissa is a busy lady so here are two office styled shoes, one for getting around quickly yet fashionably and the other is a fun, pastel color for showing off a great outfit.

6// Library Card Tote
A tote and a perfect! This is great for carrying around a wallet, a waterbottle, and a great read.

7//Map and Nautical Scarf
Sometimes all you need to spruce up an outfit is to throw on a scarf and this is fun, fashionable, and an easy conversation starter..."I just love that scarf."

8//Vows Journals
With Karissa recently becoming engaged, these journals are perfect for her and Andrew to start writing sweet notes or a set of sentimental vows to one another.

9//Greeting Card Pack
These cards are so fun and fit so many different needs! With the variety, it'll be easy for Karissa to pick one up for any occasion.

10//What I Love About You Journal
I just love this kind of stuff and it's great to have around to remember the reasons you're getting married behind the hustle and bustle of wedding prep.

11//High-Five Notepad
It's easy to get lost during a busy work day, but this notepad is perfect for "high-fiving" your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else who needs a bit of encouragement or a compliment for the day.

12//Deep Tea Diver
Now I don't really drink coffee but I love tea and this tea steeper is great! Have a deep sea adventure, even while sitting at your desk or in the office.

I chose all of these because they provide a lot of great insight and I believe that we can learn a lot from one another by the stories that we share.  Love em and I especially recommend The Happiness Project. It's a great tool to re-focus your energy when you feel your spirit being bogged down.

14// Mickey Mouse Ears from House of Mouse
House of Mouse ears are so cute and customizable! We all love a little Disney magic in our lives and with these custom ears, you can combine childhood whimsy with fashion.

15//Bath and Body Works Car Portable and Scent Portable
Bath and Body Works has some really darling car portables.  They're great for adding a seasonal scent to your daily commute.  I highly recommend Flannel which is like having Mr. Darcy sitting in your passenger seat.

16//Travel Cards
These little prompts are a perfect way to break up the monotony of your everyday.  The prompts give you small, easy-to-complete "travel" challenges like taking a walk with your favorite book.

17//Tote Bags
I chose two tote bags because one is more for the fall season mixed with professionalism and the other reminds me of a fun, carefree "burning man" summer bag.  Both are big and fantastic! I imagine Karissa filing away homework assignments and future casework in them :)

18//Build-a-Bear Olaf
I have no clue if Karissa likes Build-a-Bear or not or if she likes Frozen but I do so it's on here ;) It's nice to take a break from adult responsibilities and no one has a greater message than sweet Olaf.  Build-a-Bear has an opportunity to make your own and make a wish on a heart before he comes to life :)

19//Wifey Necklace
I SO WANT THIS NECKLACE and I think this would be darling for Karissa to wear during her engagement or after she gets married.

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  1. This is a wonderful idea,! Your hubby is one lucky dude. This idea could also be used for a holiday gift, as sort of a "favorite things" present. I will most definitely be sharing this!