Monday, October 27, 2014

We Can Do Hard Things

The famous blogger and writer Glennon says that we can do hard things and in this moment, it has been a phrase that I use for strength. Marriage is pretty darn hard. I've written about it and talked in great depth about this topic. I've been wanting and praying to foster and I don't think it will be now. It's been really hard on me. I'm trying to be understanding and aware of Ryan's perspective in the situation but it's tough on me. So today I put away the things I got for fostering. It's better to put away the playpen and bumbo from our living room and put the baby clothes in the closet. I would appreciate prayers. Thanks y'all.


  1. Does that razor have those stupid guard wires? I hate those. I can never get the hair to rinse out of the multi-blades thoroughly, so that's one of the big things I look for in a razor. lol

  2. Much love and prayers. I will pray for your earnest sacrifice and humility as you wait on the Lord to reveal the right time. Also praying for Ryan to make choices with God's plan in the forefront and for your heart to willingly and with trust - follow. It's hard, but God's got this.