Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Little Fierce Experience: Brush Crazy Farewell Party

Girl's Night Out!

My beautifully spirited friend Ashton set up a "happy TDY/going away" event at Brush Crazy.

It's a local business where you can bring wine and snacks as you learn how to paint a canvas.  The concept is super popular now and I am so excited that we have one locally!  It was the perfect spot for a girl's night out!  I love this little cow one and am totally going to paint it the next time I'm there!

Our instructor taught us how to paint this gorgeous Montana scene with elk and moose.  Of course two of my lovely guests actually went to school for art so you know they totally kicked ass and took names ;)

Ashton brought wine and lovely little wine glasses for us to enjoy while painting.  Emily brought delicious mini cheeses and Hannah made scrumptious cupcakes.

Ta-da! My masterpiece =]
Its home is on our beverage cart in our dining room.  It's so very Montana, I love it!

Have you ever done a canvas class like this? What did you think?

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