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Little Fierce Experience: Galentine's Day 2015

Little Fierce Experience: Galentine's Day!

I wanted to throw a party that celebrated the unique sisterhood and bond of women so I invited several of favorite ladies over for a Galentine's Day party.

Definition: The other half of Valentine's Day. When you celebrate your lady friends! Single or not :)

I wanted to focus on empowerment and something we learned this past year, as well as something we wanted to build upon.  I asked each lady to bring a $5 gift that represented something important to them from the past year or for the new year.

My Gift

I love these little guys from Hallmark.  They always put a smile on my face but when they got these darling little prince charmings, I snatched one up for myself and one as my gift.

Of course a party about love, hearts, flowers, and lady empowerment needs a flower crown.  I made mine from Dollar Tree supplies.  Ellie is rocking a floral headband, too!

I adore my wonderful friend Katie! She was kind enough to let me host the party at her house and I dropped off decorations the night before.  How cute are these!?

The party started off with letter-writing in notebooks that I got each of the ladies.  It was to help them jot down thoughts for their one little word throughout the next year.

Each lady wrote a letter to her "future self" talking about her aspirations and goals for the upcoming year.  I did this during my first year in college and reading back on what I thought and felt at that time was so fun!

Time for food! I just love that flower crown!

The theme was "breakfast" because Leslie Knope (creator of Galentine's Day) loves waffles.  So of course, I had to bring blueberry waffles.  The food was scrumptious and a really great party food for the event.

I collected a bunch of magazines and had ladies bring some, too for the next activity.  Magazines, scissors, scrapbook paper, and glue galore!

I bought picture frames from the Dollar Tree (they really should sponsor me already) ;) and each lady created a vision board for what she wanted her year to look like. This was a great activity to chat along to and find funny and cute pictures to add to our individual boards.

I snagged Ellie away from Katie so that Katie could finish her vision board so that I could get in as many snuggles before my TDY to Vandenberg!

I loved how they turned out!

Then it was time for presents!

Each gift had a number and we all drew numbers. 

Each gift held a special meaning from the giver and was such a wonderful gift to the recipient.

 Hannah got mine!  The symbolism behind it was actually inspired by my friend Sheila and one of our book club meetings.  Sometimes we can be hindered by our expectations.  We want things like the perfect prince charming out of our husbands, we want them to be romantic and perfect but they are just human.  You can accomplish your goals and find companionship and support through your friends and your spouse.  But just in case you want a prince charming, now you have one.

This was a really difficult lesson for me to learn after I got married because I married the man of my dreams it felt like.  However, Ryan isn't romantic and is a Marine so he's pretty rough around the edges.  That doesn't mean he isn't a great husband but not everything I sought out in my expectations of marriage were met and that's okay

It was such a lovely party and we had so much fun!

Do you celebrate Galentine's Day or anything like it? Share in the comments below!

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