Sunday, April 24, 2016

Baby Erskine's Gender Reveal

Baby Erskine's Gender Reveal

The Friday before Ryan's birthday we had a gender anatomy ultrasound. This is the third ultrasound we've had with this pregnancy and the second time we were able to have pictures!

It of course started out epically with me not paying attention to signs in the bathroom, not locking both doors, and having an older gentlemen walk in on me in my bra as I was putting on the gown.

As I screamed out "SORRY!!" I rushed back into the room, laughing hysterically as I explained to Ryan what had happened. I just changed in the room after that.

Our ultrasound tech, Julie, came in and explained what she would be doing that day. She was going to start the ultrasound by taking several pictures of the baby and taking measurements. At first we could see the overall baby based on being able to see the spine and head.

We didn't get to see the iconic profile until the very end:

Julie asked us if we wanted to find out the baby's gender and we said YES! She then asked if I wanted to do the gender reveal before or after emptying my bladder. I truly was worried that I would pee myself from excitement so when you gotta go, ya gotta go.

I coordinated with KayCakes to surprise our parents with the gender reveal! The cupcakes, apparently, were fantastic and they were incredibly professional to work with. My one complaint is that they only seemed to accept payment through check, which gets complicated when you live in a completely different area of the country. However, the final product was great and we were able to tell our families through Skype as they ate their cupcakes. Recording their reactions was so fun!

We surprised our friends with a gender reveal cake at Ryan's birthday party. Our local commissary ended up doing a cupcake order wrong when we were doing our pregnancy announcement so we were able to negotiate this cake for free! I ended up going with a two layer cake (both chocolate and vanilla) with plain vanilla frosting on the outside. The cake topper is from Glambanners on Etsy! The shop owner coordinated with me to figure out the best shipping options. For a total of $16 (with the expedited shipping), I think I could have made it on my own but I was still happy with the quality. I picked up rock candy at Candy Masterpiece in Great Falls. Their customer service was excellent! Our friends "voted" by picking the rock candy color of their choice.


We are so thrilled! It was so funny because our ultrasound tech was saying how the baby was on its side/tummy and was kicking away. I can't tell you how much I loved seeing that beautiful baby kick his feet! She then showed us the view of baby where we could see his little booty and feet. She pointed out the left thigh and right and then was like, "there's the gender." I can't wait to meet him in person! We just started brainstorming names but I think we've found a name we really like!

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