Thursday, April 21, 2016

Gender Reveal 2016

Little Girl or Little Boy
Baby Erskine 2016 Gender Reveal

I am so excited because we are finally finding out the gender tomorrow morning! We're telling our folks back home first soooo I'm afraid no updates until late on Saturday. We actually coordinated a gender reveal through cupcakes with a business called KayCakes back home. We're texting her the gender in the morning right after we find out and the cupcakes will be delivered to my MIL's house! Ahhhh I can't wait! Unfortunately my dad will still be driving back home from his weekday job (about 2 hours away) so they won't be able to eat their cupcakes or Skype until the next day.

Saturday is Ryan's birthday so we're really excited to celebrate with friends here on base with a CAKE! After a snafu with the pregnancy announcements cupcakes, our commissary's bakery offered me a free gender reveal cake. I had them make it incredibly simple, just white frosting on the outside. I ordered a super cute cake topper from Glambanners on Etsy. Pictures to come!

What is your guess?

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