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MamAmor Dolls Review

Mamamor Dolls
Positive and Friendly Birth Education Tools

MamAmor Dolls are handmade birth education dolls that are not only resourceful but gorgeous! I believe that one of the best ways of learning is through interaction and these dolls not only allow for conversations on anatomy and birth education with children, but also opening up discussions for adults and taking some of the "fear" that has surrounded birth for so long.

I did not receive free product for this review, this is just a product that I really enjoy. For those who are interested in birth education or promoting birth positivity, I think this product is right up your alley.

I came across MamAmor Dolls in two ways: Instagram and Pinterest. I do doula and birth searches all of the time in search of new educational pieces, things to learn, etc. I love quality, handmade products, especially dolls and so this was something that really resonated with me. 

A little about the company before I kick off the rest of the review:

According to their website, their found, Adriana made her first doll in 2007 as she was pregnant with her third child and practicing to be a Birth Doula. 

Something that I love from their website is this quote:
I believe that birth is a normal life event, that breastfeeding is a human right, and that bonding early with your child is the foundation of a lifelong loving and trusting relationship.  My desire is to share these beliefs with families and soon-to-be parents through education and play with MamAmor Dolls.
How fantastic, right?

Their company employs "mama helpers" who assist in their creation. 

Products that are offered are these dolls that seem to be the front-runners in terms of products that you most often seen on their social media. However, there are variations of dolls which fit so many aspects of birth education.

MamAmor Minis
MamAmor Puppies
MamAmor Kittens
MamAmor Babies

They also do customs, too!

I personally own a Birthing-Breastfeeding doll (as shown in this blog post) and a VBAC doll.

Each doll comes in a unique outfit and there are several variations. If you feel like mixing up your doll's outfit, they have subscription box services where you can receive a new outfit or accessories based on whatever plan you sign up for.

My doll came with this halter top dress in a white and blue floral pattern with a floral hair clip. The rest of the outfit was knitted from the booties to her sweater.

You can also customize your doll by adding a ring sling. As a proponent of baby wearing, you better believe that I add ring sling carriers to our doll orders ;)

They're cute, match the outfit they come in and even though the mama dolls can hold their baby without the carrier, it's nice to have.

Let's Talk about the Actual Doll

This doll is a birthing-breastfeeding doll. Some key things you'll notice is the anatomy. She can breastfeed, give birth, and hold her baby. Breastfeeding and holding the baby are assisted with snaps that you can see on her breasts and on her arms.  She can also give birth through the piece of fabric that is pulled towards the bottom of the doll. The baby can actually fit in her uterus aka "tummy."

She's jointed at the legs and arms, making it easy to help pose her for birthing positions or explaining how to use a birthing tub, etc. I've seen some really neat photographs shared by MamAmor for birth education that involve how doulas are used in the process. Both of my dolls have a head full of gorgeous yarn that is both secured down in certain areas and loose in others. I feel confident that her hair was done really well and isn't going to come apart.

Her face is constructed using embroidery thread and overall the doll has a good weight to her and feels stocky. I could imagine that if a child was to use this as a regular play doll that it was built to last.

Here's an up close look at those snaps.

They also come with a little charm on their arm that says "handmade with love."

MamAmor dolls also come in various skin tones and outfits.  You can also get multiplies if you, a doula, or birth educator would like to discuss twins or triplets.

Let's Talk About Baby

The baby comes with a blanket, diaper, and umbilical cord with placenta. At his or her mouth is a snap that can attach for breastfeeding.

My baby came with yarn hair and face done with embroidery thread, same as the mama doll.

An example of the baby in the ring sling accessory.

How Does the Doll Give Birth?

With the piece of fabric that is constructed onto the doll, baby can fit into mom so that for demonstrations or even play, she can "give birth" numerous times.

Giving birth for the doll is as easy as pulling the baby out. While "real-life" birth is more labor intensive, this does allow for conversations, especially with kids on what's happening and explaining that it can take a long time.

Once baby is out you will notice he or she still have the umbilical cord and placenta. While this placenta is cute and felt-like, it's a great opportunity to explain how the body creates an organ solely to help the baby get its resources. 

The umbilical cord does detach with the use of the snap. After labor, parents, birth educators, or doulas can explain a mother or parents' birth plan. For example, whether the parents have skin-to-skin as a top priority, whether the mother wants to breastfeed, etc. All of those things can be demonstrated using the MamAmor Dolls.

I personally am really interested in becoming a birth doula one day, so products that encourage and promote birth positivity are right up my alley and get me excited.  I think products like MamAmor Dolls are important because a lot of conversations on birth are demonstrated through the media and entertainment. Your water doesn't break before a commercial break and then afterwards you have a beautiful baby.  Pregnancy and labor are beautiful things but people should know their options and have education. I also think this is an approachable way of teaching people without them feeling intimidated or nervous.

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