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Adventure-Themed Nursery

Adventure-Themed Nursery
Creating the Perfect Room for Our Little Explorer

When I was first pregnant and also exploring the option of fostering while I was stationed in Montana, I wanted to create a baby nursery that was not gender-specific. I loved the idea of having an adventure-themed nursery because there is so much you can do with that theme. Ultimately I wanted our future baby (babies) to believe in their dreams and want to explore everything around them.

I had already a set up nursery while we were in Montana and then we moved.  Having a new nursery space, presented a blank canvas for decorating. At this point in time, it became "Will's room." It's still not quite done. There's an entire wall in which I'm dreaming up ideas of how to decorate it around his name and I have a few ideas but here is what Will's room looks like now:

One of our baby showers (we were blessed with two) was an outdoor adventure/camping themed shower. My father-in-law, Steve, created these awesome directional signs. After the party, he dismantled it but kept "William's Party" which decorates the entranceway to his room.

His room is whimsical, magical, and perfect for us and still a work in progress!

I loved the idea having the room be an adventure in progress. There are airplanes, hot air balloons, and adventure messages everywhere.

Since Will has his name on a prominent wall, I wanted to incorporate our family's last name in the adventure and that happened through a sky writing airplane. I made the clouds or the "smoke" through bending crafting wire and wrapping poly-fill around it.  Watch your fingers because hot glue is not forgiving with this craft.

Will doesn't currently sleep in this room, hence the tons of stuffed animals IN the crib.  I love Lit Bit Funky's Ho Hos (aka the funny looking stuffed animal monsters).  I've collected several for Will that are often based on adventures like the Ninja Turtles, space travel, and Where the Wild Things Are.  I also have a Paul Bunyan and then a custom "Ryan" doll. 

I collected the letters at Michael's over the summer and they were all on sale.

Living in military housing, the idea of painting seems like a nightmare, so I go with wall decals. Using vinyl and my Silhouette, I made these triangle decals which make a nice statement wall that is easy to remove when necessary.

His collage wall is still growing and we have canvases and prints from boutiques, Target, and Hobby Lobby.

To keep the adventure going, Will needed animal friends in hot air balloons.  I want him to see his room as this avenue for creativity and imaginative play.

All of my materials came from Hobby Lobby and included a paper party lantern, two different styles of rope, mini baskets, burlap bags, and hot glue.

The little animals were collected overtime and gifted to Will. This is a Jellycats dinosaur that I got at Young Life camp before I was pregnant.

These two signs were gifted to us by our friend Lynae from the shop, Wild Goat Design.

The giant dream catcher was made by me and I am so excited to feature the wooden animal signs that were given to us by our friends Jake and Melissa Lair who recently started Weather Worn Feather.

My next blog post is an exclusive interview with Melissa from Weather Worn Feather and they have gorgeous home decor products that you will definitely want in your home. Check out our next post!

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