Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars 2013 Recap: A Night of Music in Movies

I promise this is not a political post about the Oscars, just my strong feelings on the importance of arts and also just some basic manners (the usual).

Before I go into everything that I loved about the Oscars, I have a problem with folks bringing up Michelle Obama, our First Lady, being a presenter.  Did no one listen to the intro she gave?  She is an advocate for the continuation of arts programs in schools and communities.  She is a lover of movies and talked about how they inspire young people to test their imaginations and to follow their dreams.  I think that's a fairly safe and positive message, whether or not you're a fan of either side's politics.  Several bloggers and of course others (I just follow an extreme amount of bloggers- curse you giveaways!) on Twitter were crying out, "keep politics out- these are the movies!" or anything along those lines.


Sidebar: Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, and Argo are all political movies...just sayin'

It's the Oscars aka an awards show for acting.  
I'm about to blow yo minds...  acting = an art.  
These are people who came from arts programs whether while growing up at their local Y or a random ass class they took in college.  This inspired them to become actors and potentially become great actors worthy of winning awards.  The escorts who helped present, yeah, film and communication arts (radio, tv, film) students.  Did you not see their interviews? They were stoked out of their ever-living-minds!  The awards show is going to showcase the art and future generations of filmmakers, actors, costume designers, sound technicians, etc. Plus this is the First Lady, regardless of politics, she is a representative of the American people.  Not only is she incredibly eloquent and classy, but she gives a damn about the arts and the kids of America.  Now not everything in the political sphere is hunky dory right now.  That's an understatement.  There are several elements that have gotten twisted and made people very angry, but that's not my argument here.

I'm saying that as someone who was privileged with the opportunity to participate and grow in several art mediums, I wish that opportunity for every kid.  Not just wish, but advocate for it.  As I've matured in different art elements, I'm found that I'm considered incredibly talented at some, ok at others, and the rest maybe I should leave behind, but you all should still have the opportunity to figure that out.  I have friends who are musicians, dancers, actors and when they perform their art- it's incredible, moving, breathtaking, exhilarating, and you know that what they're doing is truly art.  I know that I will continue to support these programs because they helped me develop into the person I am today and they help several kids out there, regardless of race, creed, and socioeconomic background.  So when the First Lady is encouraging people in a way that involves movies, tv, film, radio, acting, music, vocal performance, etc. providing people with a passion and drive in their lives, I think that's a wholesome message.

I intended for this post to focus on my love for film, cinema, and beautiful dresses, but it really made my blood boil to see that.  I have friends who came from communities that struggled to keep their arts programs going, but they managed to somehow keep them together and those kids are some of the best artists in the country.  Their performances have brought tears to my eyes and have raised the bar on what is considered to be worthwhile talent.  Expression through the various forms of art, is one of the few naturally beautiful elements we have in life. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled Oscar gifs! 

I absolutely loved this moment of the night.  Seeing guys, boldly and without hesitation, act as gentlemen is so refreshing.  Plus, I love Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper. Did anyone see B.Coop in "The Words"?  I loved that movie and I love Zoe Saldana as an actress.  I did indeed catch him on the red carpet and Kristen Chenoweth was trying to match up height with him mom when she lost her shoe amongst the layers of her dress.


Was I swooning? You Betcha!

The Oscars always blow me away and I particularly loved this year's Academy Awards.  Admittedly, I was a little skeptical to have Seth MacFarlane host, because as great as he is as the creator of Family Guy, his jokes can hit a sour note quickly.  There were definitely those times throughout the show (i.e. jokes about the domestic violence case of Rihanna and Chris Brown).  You could see it on his face that he had to think about the joke before he presented it.  As if his conscience was saying, this is a really awful idea.  However, I enjoyed the vocal numbers and cute dance sequences.  Plus Jennifer Lawrence's cameo in the the Boob Song was sassy and too perfect for that moment. 

Jennifer Lawrence GIF, Oscars GIF

As excited as I was for Jennifer Lawrence, I was thrilled that Anne Hathaway won an Oscar and so did Christoph Waltz and I was going crazy!  His performance in Django Unchained was incredible and one of my favorite film characters, ever.  Anne Hathaway saying this was her dream come true was absolutely wonderful.  I can't imagine how thrilling it must be to win an Oscar.  Yep, I'll stay star struck
Totally Adorable!
That moment when he got choked up thanking his wife and finally his daughters was definitely cheer worthy.  I know, like many other people, were disappointed that he was not up for Best Director, but Ben Affleck won the show with "Argo" taking it all :)

I know several speeches had to be super speedy, which is understandable since it's such a long awards show, however I definitely wasn't a fan of the "speed it up music." It was very reminiscent of "Jaws" and I thought very deprecating of people who just wanted to thank those who helped them out.  It was loud, gaudy, and to me not Oscars-like.  All of them worked their asses off and might not ever be on the Dolby Theater stage again, give em a few more seconds or at least subtle music.

I'm completely and totally out of order with this but it was all a lovely blur by this point in time.  I adored the dance number by Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron.  They looked lovely and Charlize is just timeless.  I feel like she is so symbolic of classic Hollywood, from her face to her charm and acting abilities.

I'm always a sucker for musical performances and loved everything from "All that Jazz" from the musical Chicago (performed by Catherine Zeta-Jones), the beautiful Jennifer Hudson, to the full cast of Les Miserables on stage.


If you caught the Oscars, hopefully you enjoyed them as much as I did.
I officially have placed, "get an Oscars invite" to my bucket list.
Thanks for reading and go arts in the community!

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  1. I was so excited and happy about Argo winning Best Picture that I actually started clapping out loud at home - best part of the night for me, hands down!

    1. The Oscars for me is a moment when you can full on cheer. Our house was erupting in applause for our favorites. So many were a tough draw but I thought an overall great show.

  2. Things that are too, too, too adorable for words: Christopher waltz is adddorrrrable; Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan being so absolutely adorably in love; Bradley and Hugh being gentleman.

    1. Ahh I totally forgot to mention Channing and Jenna! They seriously are the cutest thing ever and Jenna was still smokin' in that gorgeous dress, complete with a baby bump. I love Christoph Waltz because he is just so down to Earth and an incredible actor, plus as Dr. Shultz- witty, sassy, and the guy you want on your side.

  3. Love this recap! I didn't have a chance to watch the entire thing, but I saw Jennifer Hudson and the Mis performance and it gave me chills. Also, Anne Hathaway's speech. Ugh! <3

    1. The performances and the theme of music was right up my alley! So much talent in one theater and I would have loved to have been there. I may or may not have been squealing with my girlfriends as we called out what performances were about to happen :)
      When Catherine Zeta-Jones came out for "Chicago," I was far too giddy. She's still got it.

  4. i agree with you on pretty much everything!

    1. Love your blog and I just left a comment :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Confession time:
      For 12 years or even more, I can´t remember. I used to get up at 1am to watch The Oscar´s live from my living room until around 6ish, get dressed and go to school/work Monday mornings - except the one year I spent in New York City and was able to watch it prime time.

      For the last two years really I thought like I am too old for this. Besides I have meetings I have to show up for prepared and professional, not kind of hungover. So I started to record the show and watch it later that day.

      This year my dvr just decided not to record a bit. Not even a minute. I was pissed.

      Despite my own dilemma let me say reading your post filled me in on the most important details of the night.

      Thank you for that!

      I am not that pissed anymore but I seriously think about getting up at 1am again, next year!

      xo Martie