Friday, July 5, 2013

The Badonkadonk Shorts Controversy
To give you some perspective on my body with this story
Two days ago, I went to Target and was just doing the usual exploration of aisles to see where Target could easily scoop $20 out of me, when I came across a pair of shorts for a little over $5.  $5!! The pair of cute patterned shorts, however, was significantly larger than my normal size.  I decided to try them on anyways.  I was a little reluctant because I guess I was really fixated on that number but when I tried the shorts on, they covered my butt perfectly.  I knew that right then and there, regardless of the size that was on the tag, I was going to buy them.  The interesting thing is that I can pull the waistband out over 6 inches, no joke.  What was frustrating was that I had to get a pair of shorts that were 8 sizes "too big" in order for them to fit my tush properly without them turning into apple-bottom jeans.  Which made think of all of the times I've gone shorts shopping and how much I dread it, including pants.  A size 1/2 at GAP is not the same 1/2 at Hollister.  I remember going to Target last year and finding a great rack of shorts where I tried on two different pairs from this display and they fit well and covered the butt.  So I bought several more pairs in the different patterns.  Terrible mistake!  Each pair, despite being the same "brand" and on the same display fit completely differently than the first two I had tried on and all were a size 3.  Many of the pairs felt like I was suctioning my ass in.  Technically my waist fits a size 3, but if I actually want my butt covered than I need to go up in sizes and that's just to have it covered.  If I want them to fit nicely and not painted on, then that's a few more sizes up as well.  If I want more material to hang off instead of being snug, again more sizes up.
The types of shorts that I want
The types of shorts I feel like are only available for my age category
I feel like women's clothing is an art.  There's a certain skill to create clothing that is form fitting but not overly snug and more importantly doesn't make a woman feel suffocated.  For one of my friends, her employer requires that the staff wear shorts with only a couple inches off of the knee, aka bermuda shorts.  It's really difficult to find attractive bermuda shorts and the shorts that are considered attractive have only a few inches of cloth in the front and back, yet are worth $20-$30.  They're not covering, they're overly tight, and they're expensive despite the lack of material.  A couple pairs in, and you've spent over a $100 for uncomfortable clothing.

How has shopping for summer clothing been for other bloggers and readers out there?

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  1. yeah i ignore the sizes and try it on!! i'll carry like 3 different sizes...i hate that size game the clothing industry plays on us!! so annoying!!

  2. I used to get upset over the numbers I'd see on clothing tags. As I get older I realize it's not the number on the tag, but the way the item of clothing fits me. If I have to bring a larger size into the dressing room with me now, I don't sweat it. I'd rather get a proper fit than a waste of money!

  3. Exactly! I get really annoyed at the fact that I can't say I'm a 3,6, or even an 18 because every single store has a different sizing chart. It's not even consistent within the store. I have wasted money on pants/shorts that don't fit well or really are unrealistic with a woman's body. That moment in the fitting room was a pretty awesome one because it was the first time in a long time, regardless of my body type, that I felt so awesome in shorts.

  4. It's incredibly annoying and I don't think it helps contribute to what women think of themselves in society. I follow a lot of fitness accounts that I find inspiring, but a lot of the women on these accounts have great figures but lack curvaceous examples. I feel like shorts and pants imitate that. I am muscular, fit, and have curves but women's clothing mimics that of children's clothing, just with more lace and less fabric.

  5. "Suctioned my ass" I literally just laughed out loud. Don't judge me but I've actually started buy shorts from Dollar General and Walmart about 2 years ago. They fit perfectly and are long lasting. I have a pair I brought last summer from Dollar General and they are still in excellent condition.

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  6. I need new shorts because I only have a few pairs and theyre kinda too big. BUT I can't find any I like anywhere. I want some denim shorts...but everywhere you look they only have cut off looking denims. Gross. And I am also no stranger to the ba-dunk-a-dunk woes with shorts. AND don't even get me started on how ridiculously $$ shorts are. Theyre just as much as jeans but a 1/4 of the fabric. LAME.

  7. The ba dunk a dunk woes :) love it! Clothing in general is so overpriced. I could go on about how ridiculous it is to pay $30 on a tee that's sheer. It drives me nuts that there are so few clothing stores in this town and the ones that are fairly nice charge $30 for their t-shirts and $80+ on a pair of jeans. I miss Marshalls and Forever21.

  8. My issue tends to be my thighs. I have a small waist, but to fit over my thighs, I have to go up a size but then the pants/jeans/shorts are HUGE on my waist. Shopping for bottoms can be very frustrating, but when you find a brand and a cut that works, usually you can buy a few....usually. Keep working hard on those workouts, you are making progress!


  9. I used to hate going to the dressing room in general, but now I have no choice. Like you said, there's no consistency within store sizes anymore. Returns are too much of a hassle so I drag half of the clothing rack with me until I find the proper fit. Ha! I'm glad you found an awesome pair of shorts to rock. It's definitely hard to find shorts that don't make you feel like you're walking around in underwear!