Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The 4th of December

Four days in and we're watching "Arthur Christmas" to get into the holiday spirit.
Conveniently I have the Anthropologie catalog to my left and have a few browsers with fun holiday cheer.  I'm obsessing over fun holiday gifts, Christmas cards, holiday movies and music, celebrating with scripture and advent calendars and really getting into the reason for the season.

Bamboletta dolls make cloth dolls from natural materials, posted this adorable picture.
I'm a sucker for cute, original toys, decor, really anything!  This came up on my Facebook newsfeed and you just have to do a collective "ahhhh" because it's just too cute for words.
Like I said, I love adorable details.  I think they can turn something from being ordinary into something unique and worth cherishing for years to come.
I've been seeing peg people nativity scenes and although I didn't want to fork over $70+, I did think that I could give it a shot.  It's still in progress but here are some of the materials I got for it:

Multiple large and small sizes of the wooden game piece, "peg people."
Various acrylic paints
Fine tip paint brushes and one is angled for detailing
I also got a shallow hinged box to place the pieces in and also to create a nativity scene that can be propped open.  I thought I was pretty clever ;)
Of course, I could walk into Anthropologie and love everything in its over-priced glory.
It's one of those stores that pays attention to the details and that's what makes everything so want-worthy.
Saw this in their holiday catalog:
It's inspired by late-19th and early-20th century fortune teacups and I love it.
The details are so quaint and would be perfect home decor.
However, I think I could spend $78 on something else.

They also gave a shout-out to Penguin's cloth-covered books, which could possibly become very dangerous on my wallet.

It's re-vamping the classic covers with beautiful cloth-bound material and they're great for displaying or sitting in a coffee shop on a snowy afternoon.

I have so been looking forward to Christmas cards.
Definitely dedicated a Facebook status or two in warning my family and friends that I was collecting addresses. I created a little work station around my printer where I was receiving text messages with addresses and well wishes and printing off holiday letters to stuff into the cards.  Of course, I misread part of the letter and ended up sharing the good news of Holly's naming (my GSD) twice.  Wouldn't be a holiday card from me if there wasn't a mistake or two.  50 or so cards later, I've got them in envelopes, stamped and addressed, ready to spread some love around the U.S.

In the spirit of the season and its true meaning, I've been looking up a few advent programs and Ruthie, from The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart, posted on Instagram a few adorable and wonderful advent programs.  From Naptime Diaries, I got these super cute advent cards and strung them up over our breakfast bar.   Having started a little bit past December, I was able to purchase them from their shop online, printed them out on cardstock and used some of the string from my crafting supplies.
I picked up mini-clothespins from Michael's and it was perfect.

They go along with the She Reads Truth advent program.
They provide devotionals, scripture and some food for thought.
I'm really enjoying it so far.  My friend, Megan, is also posting adorable Instagram photos of her 25 Days of Christmas experiences and she's also participating in RACK-ed, which is something that Kait over at Gridiron Lipstick is promoting.  It stands for Random Acts of Kindness and it's perfect for the holiday season.

Megan has posted pictures of leaving little notes with change at vending machines, surprising co-workers with Starbucks gift cards for a free coffee or starting a food drive at her place of employment.  She is so sweet and I just love her enthusiasm for the holidays.

My enthusiasm for the holidays and understanding the reason for the season, has really encouraged me to keep up with the advent and scripture.  I also found this gorgeous side-ways cross necklace and decided that it would be a perfect gift for my mom and MIL.  I got one for each of us as a way of symbolizing the bonds between mother and daughter.  If you're interested in getting one yourself, I found mine on Etsy at GemsinVogue.  Brenda gives outstanding customer service and delivery was prompt.  A few celebrities have been seen sporting sideways cross necklaces, so it could also be a great gift idea this season.  I love mine because it's small and so subtle.

Of course, it is time to start wrapping a few presents and I get so excited whenever anything arrives for Ryan because we finally get to spend Christmas together!

I would love to share what gifts I got him, but that might be for another time.
I'm still unsure if he checks this or not.


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