Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Favorites!

First Edition of Friday Favorites and it's time for Leave to start! Wahoooo!

So what is Leave? Well is Leave is requested time off from the military and and this means...

We will soon be returning to our home state!

I absolutely cannot wait and will probably making a travel essentials list <--and posting it here.  My plan of tiring out our German Shepherd puppy has been incredibly successful so far.  Right now I can hear Holly snoring- hallelujah!  Hopefully this lasts throughout the entire night.

My cousin Mae called earlier and is planning a massage/movie/wine tasting night.  This sounds like the most epic girls' night out ever and I'm incredibly excited for it.  I really miss my home state and my friends so much.  Our family is all there and so are our favorite hangouts, plus the best school in the country is there as well! U-Rah-Rah Badgers!

Back to Friday Favorites! Here are some of my favorite things from this past week:

Favorite First Kiss
I received my homecoming pictures in the mail back from Sara Hess, the owner and photographer of Wild Rose Portraits.  Awhile back, I was in a contest and came second (literally on the last day, otherwise I had the lead) and she offered me a discounted homecoming photo shoot. It was awesome receiving the CD in the mail because I now have the Adobe Creative Suite on my laptop so I was able to edit the photos to my liking.  Hours and hours of entertainment I tell ya!
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time because I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is to be able to kiss the love of your life after being separated for over seven months.  Ryan was stationed at Camp Pendleton while I was finishing my undergrad at the University of Wisconsin, so I didn't even get to see him off when he left for his deployment.  It was a difficult time apart but definitely doable and made our relationship stronger.  He's an amazing life mate, partner and husband.  Now I get to kiss him whenever I want to :)

Favorite Pinterest "I Do" Moment
I have always been interested in the idea of getting ring tattoos, I just need to see if Ryan is into the idea as well (kind of important to get the groom in on that idea). 

Favorite Cute Couple Project
Ryan totally poo poos my overly romantic ideas but I'm going to have to borrow his fingerprint for this one!

Favorite Etsy Find

Ohmylanta =D

I need to learn how to cross-stitch and Pixel People on Etsy provides an awesome pattern for $16.00. Yes, this is totally happening and I will frame it :)

Superheroes and anything related to the Avengers gets me very excited :D

Favorite Purchase 
BCBG - "BRAVE" Bracelet
I have been wanting one of these bracelets fur-ev-ur ;) and I spotted one in the BCBG window and had to buy it. These cost about $20 and there is a wide variety but I was a big fan of the "brave" version. This one came in a grey bracelet with gold slide letters and a heart charm. Loveees

Favorite Song
"Where Have You Been" by Rihanna
I discovered this Pandora radio station that plays today's top hits (my favorites) and this continually plays and I've become a big fan of it.  Rihanna is quoted saying that the less clothes she has on, the more comfortable she feels.  I agree girl, pants are overrated.

Favorite "New" Pinterest Buddy
Owl Drum on Pinterest re-pins the cutest stuff and I love re-pinning from their site. Owl & Drum is a store for craft enthusiasts. Whether you like to make the crafts or buy them they will have something for you and they're based out of Tulsa, OK.  If you  have any Pinterest buddies that are similar, definitely let me know! I love following fun and interesting Pinners :)

Favorite Book (still working on this one)

50 Shades Darker by EL James
I'm a big fan of the 50 Shades trilogy and Christian Grey's sexiness was wonderfully distracting for the last few months of Ryan's deployment. I'm almost done with the second book and already have the third so I'm sure I'll cruise right through those.
Anyone else super excited to hear who they are casting for the roles? I think there is a big leaning towards Ian Somerhalder of Vampire Diaries fame to play Christian and I am definitely not opposed.

Ian Somerhalder has the bluest eyes I have ever seen.

If and when Ryan and I reproduce, I hope his blue eyes combined with my hybrid vigor genes produce some gorgeous blue-eyed babies. Here's to hoping (in the far future) :P

I had way too much fun putting this together and I'm looking forward to many more! Have a great weekend, hopefully with warm weather, sunshine, good friends and good drinks!

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