Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life with the Erskines-May/June

Ahh sweet marital bliss- or something along those lines inbetween late nights with our German Shepherd puppy, Holly, and dealing with strange work hours thanks to the Marine Corps.  Here is a list of common household items you would find bouncing around between me and Ryan.

1. Clorox Disinfecting wipes- we ran out last night and I was legitimately sad. These bad boys are the perfect kitchen accessory to clean up any quick spill or anything on the countertops. They are so handy that I'm fixin' to have Ryan pick some up from the Exchange before he comes home from work.

2. Godiva chocolates- Ghiradelli work just fine as well but desserts are a staple to my diet. You think I kid but I run because I really really really like desserts.  Ashley and I stopped by the mall the other day because she cracked her iPhone in my driveway (it was a sad moment) and we were visiting the Apple Store. Lo and behold there was a Godiva store and I do hold a membership so I was all about picking up my free monthly chocolate.  They are so delicious...damn it, now I'm thinking about them.

3. 409 Cleaner- another staple to any household, I use this to clean up my bathroom counters after I apply make-up, clean up after Holly rampages around the house or to clean up the kitchen counters after I've made Garbage Bread. Our bottle is almost empty and it's only been a month =X

4. XBOX 360- I'm not a gamer but my husband most definitely is and this has been a daily activity for him since he came home from deployment.  Not only do we use this for his Battlefield 3 games but we also enjoy our Netflix account from it as well.  We're currently tackling the show "LOST." That show is crayy

5. IAMS Large Breed Puppy Food- Our puppy Holly is a beast, but so adorable. We recently switched her from Eukanuba (not her favorite) to IAMS- both canned and kibble.  She has so much personality already.  Apparently German Shepherds suffer from separation anxiety (oh dear Lord) and Holly definitely displays this.  Last night we moved her from the living room to the kitchen and it was nonstop whining from 11 pm until about 9 am...woof.

6. Milk- Coming from good ol' Wisconsin, I have mad love for dairy products.  I so miss having cheese curds and a delicious brat for lunch mmm yummy. We'll soon be revisiting our lovely home state while Ryan has leave but we always keep milk around the house.  I love using it with noodles and basically any recipe that calls for milk.  We're also big on yogurt, sour cream, cheese, etc. Sconnies much?

7. Puppy/Adult Dog Pads- The ongoing battle of crate training continues...sort of.  I get all kinds of frustrated at three in the morning when Holly simply waits at the back door staring inside instead of going to the bathroom. I can go outside with her and then she has two kinds of pees- a little one and a big one.  I don't think I've ever cheered for a piss in my life but it's definitely happened.  If she doesn't do "the big pee" then you're stuck waiting outside.  This can also be diversified with "the big poo." Additional problems involve that she whines at night, like any puppy but she'll whine if you're not in the same room as her.  I'm slowly gaining selective hearing and I sure hope the neighbors can't hear that at three in the morning.  Ok back to the pads.  I wanted a liner for easy clean-up, so I was looking for ones that didn't emit any specific smells.  The PETCO Adult Dog Liners seemed to do the trick.  If she has a nighttime accident, which she has had many, I just have to roll up that liner and toss it out.  It's really nice until she starts trying to tear it up- My next plan of attack is to make sure she takes fewer naps during the day.  I think she purposely stays up all night and sleeps throughout the day. Oh no buddy, that's not happening tonight.

8. Green Air Mattress- We were totally living the scene from "Benjamin Button" where the couple has their mattress in their living room. It was super cute and adorable but it was actually necessary since our mattress and boxspring came about a week after we already moved in.  It now functions as our temporary couch until our furniture comes in...after we come back from leave.

Well that has been, give or take, a month of our second year of marriage and living at Camp Pendleton. It's been quite the adventure so far!



  1. Love your blog Kim!! My bf has a German shepherd and just wait...the separation anxiety gets wayyy worse!! Loki seriously needs some anti anxiety pills when Andrew is gone for even a min!


    1. Thanks Karissa! I was reading about how bad their separation anxiety can get...yikes! However, I've also been reading up on ways to help her get adjusted and we've started going on incredibly long walks (I'm sure they seem incredibly long to her lol) and that tires her out. Hopefully that continues to work as she gets older. I'm glad you like the blog!