Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's in Kim's Make-up Bag?

While Ryan was deployed, I became really interested in watching YouTube make-up gurus and I came across a few of my favorites.  They introduced me to a wide array of products that can be found at your local drugstore or high end stores like Sephora, MAC and Ulta.  Since I was packing up to go to Wisconsin, I thought I would share some of my favorite products!

1 & 2. Naked and Naked 2 palettes- Love these make-up palettes because they feature so many different eye shadows which create the perfect day and nighttime looks.  I probably use both of these everyday which is a good thing since they each cost about $50.  I purchased mine at a local Sephora.  This is high quality make-up with strong pigments.  I considered it worth the investment because I knew I would like the color quality and I also knew that I would be using them everyday or just as often.

3. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque- One of my most favorite hair products ever! When you put this in your hair, you will literally feel your hair getting softer.  It's a deep repair masque/mask, so it requires that you leave it in for five to seven minutes and it's amazing. I bought mine off of Amazon and it cost about $18.49 with my Prime account (free shipping y'all!). I highly recommend this product because you can literally feel the results and your hair deserves to be spoiled :)

4. Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo- I normally love to use AVEDA products in my hair but during the school year I used the line's Scalp Benefits shampoo and conditioner and I wasn't impressed so I was more than willing to try something different.  I use both the Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner and they smell so amazing. The conditioner is great and it works just about the same as any other shampoo and conditioner but it's the smell that is the real sale. Cost: $7.99 CVS

5. Benefit's "They're Real" Mascara- I have really short, sparse eyelashes. It's really quite obnoxious so when I use a mascara, it needs to have volume and length. Over the year, I learned the benefits (haha get it?) of using multiple mascaras to get your desired effect.  This mascara truly lengthens out your lashes and it grabs each lash, which is greatly appreciated by me.  I double this up with Clinique's volumizing mascara and I love the overall look. I purchased mine at Sephora for $22.00.

6. Clinique Make-up and Skin Products- Clinique makes such amazing products for your skin.  My nighttime facial cleansers and lotions are my favorite! You can pick these up at Boston Store or Sephora (my usually haunts for it) or online.  I also am a big fan of their "Black Honey" almost lipstick.  The products are so good for your skin and I rarely break out because of them.  I can definitely see a difference when I switch up from drugstore brands to Clinique because Clinique products are allergy-tested.  Make-up applications just seem fresh and not too heavy but create bright, luminous looks.

7. NARS Lipgloss- In watching beauty reviews, people complain about the smell so I don't know if it's just me but I can't smell anything from them...oh well lol.  My two go-to's are Turkish Delight (soft pink) and Super Orgasm (bolder pink).  I top these over any lipstick and they're long-lasting which is important since they're pretty expensive. I purchased mine from Sephora for $24 each and the product lasts several months (it better).

8 and 9. Marc Jacobs "Oh Lola" Perfume and Michael Kors "Very Hollywood" Perfume- Two of my favorite perfumes, I lean more towards "Oh Lola." It has a stronger scent than "Very Hollywood," although I'm a big fan of both.  Whenever I'm not using either of those, I always have Bath & Body Works products on hand.

10. OPI nail polish- While Ryan was deployed, I became obsessed with these nail polishes and it didn't help that the tanning salon across the street where I lived sold them.  Ranging from $5-$8, I would pick up these bad boys all of the time and I have a large collection of them by now.  I definitely recommend purchasing their base coat and top coat because they work wonderfully.  I'm also a big fan of this line of nail polishes because of their wands.  They're thicker than Essie nail polishes and provide a smoother coat (in my opinion).  OPI also has the best nail polish names as they continually come out with new nail polish lines.  One of my favorite tubes is their glow-in-the-dark zombie polish.

11. Too-Faced Bronzers- I have both Pink Leopard and Peach Leopard bronzers and I use them both everyday.  I like these specifically because when you use your blush brush, it picks up various pigments which gives you a great color. Pink Leopard contains more of the blush with a shimmer coating and Peach Leopard is darker, with a more matte finish.  When both are used, it's a great blending of matting the skin so the overall tone matches plus a light shimmer, highlighting specific areas.  Definitely recommend these bronzers and the entire line.  I purchased mine from Sephora and they range from $25-$30 each.

12. Butter London nail polish- I've recently started using them and they are fantastic! I love OPI nail polish but Butter Londons definitely are the best nail polishes I have ever used.  They're expensive but they last forever and their finish is exquisite.  They have a great array of colors, all with fun British names.  Keep in mind that they carry a hefty price tag of $14.00 each, however they seriously last a long time in terms of wear and tear and color pigment.  Their line of polish also features a matte bottle, allowing you to take the shine off a polish if you want that matte look.  I have it and love it!

These are some of my favorite make-up products that I use on a daily basis.  I consider make-up to be worth the investment because you're putting this product on your face.  If you take good care of your skin, it'll look nice.  I purchased several of these products at the start of my senior year of college and the products are still lasting me this long, so although some of them are expensive, they've been worth the cost.  I may also do a blog post on make-up products that I purchase from local drugstores but I would love to hear your make-up, skin product and hair product recommendations! :)

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