Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Gift Ideas

I'm really particular about what kind of gift I get for a specific person.  If a holiday rolls around like Father's Day, for example, and I don't have an ideal gift, cette person does not receive an item on that day.  I gave my mom a rosary from the Vatican in March and her birthday is in January. Did I forget? No but I didn't want to half ass it.  Now Hallmark holidays such as Father's Day can get a little tricky because you want to show an appropriate amount of appreciation for your pops.  Something that says, thank you for grounding me at all the appropriate moments while growing up, you helped to shape me as a person and now I'm the bomb diggity ;)
I wasn't sure what to get my dad for this Father's Day and technically I'll be missing it as I will still be in California, however, I thought I would share my brainstorm session with y'all. Ultimately my goal is to get something(s) for him that is fun and it can be practical and it's not too expensive because that can be something saved up for his birthday or Christmas.  So here's what I came up with:

1. Favorite movie that's always on TV but he doesn't actually own the DVD- My dad is notorious for having all of these favorite movies that are frequently shown on FOX or TBS but he doesn't actually own them.  For his birthday, I bought him all of the National Treasure movies because he loves them but of course, didn't own them.  "Fever Pitch" is one of his all time favorite movies and he does own the DVD but it's a great example of getting something he'll enjoy watching and he'll actually use.

2. Introducing him to a new show that is captivating, exciting and something the young folk like ;)- This was actually an idea I found on a website sharing ideas for Father's Day and I really liked this one. I definitely want to start watching "Game of Thrones" and reading the books.  I hear it's awesome! If you know he'll like a series and can find a box set at Best Buy, Target or Amazon, go for it.  During Black Friday and post-Christmas sales, I was able to score entire seasons for $15-$20.

3. Gift Card (specifically a Kindle Gift Card)- My dad purchased a Kindle Fire when he bought mine for my birthday. Consider purchasing pops an Amazon Prime account so he can continually check out books for free or getting a gift card so he can update his library.  Gift cards in general are great gifts but not something I usually go for.

4. Make or start a scrapbook filled to the brim with memories- I've actually done something similar to this in the past for my dad.  I made him a photobook from Shutterfly filled with photos of me and him while I was growing up.  Shutterfly is really great for this because they have pre-made layouts or you can generate your own.  For that one, I recreated a fairytale story of a little girl and her daddy (aka me and him) and he absolutely loved it.  Daddy's little girl wins again ;)

5. Make a pre-planned date for dad and mom/partner/significant other- I got this idea from Pinterest of creating 12 pre-planned dates as a gift for newlyweds.  That way they would have at least one pre-paid and pre-planned date a month.  I absolutely love this idea and you can adapt it for Dad by getting a gift certificate for two to his favorite restaurant and getting a gift card to the movies or something fun like that.  That way Mom and Dad or whomever can enjoy a night to themselves.  With my brother in high school and now I'm off and married, they are starting to have more time to themselves and what better way than to get them out and about :)

6. Frame your childhood memories...or visit Etsy- Similar to the scrapbook idea, frame or make a shadowbox of childhood memories with your Dad.  Etsy has awesome frames and you can frame memories from when you were a wee lil babe to the time you graduated with a degree.  It's a simple, cost-effective gift with a lot of meaning to it.

7. Practicality and Comfort- If you're looking for a side gift or some add-ons, consider getting Dad a nice pair of slippers, a robe, or pajamas.  You can even extend this to anything he may need around the house.  If you know your Dad needs it and either keeps forgetting to pick one up at the store or won't get it himself, why not get it for him and save him the trip?

I hope everyone has a great Father's Day and enjoys this time with their loved ones! I know I am so excited to see my dad once I get back to Wisconsin :)


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