Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Have I told you lately that I love you?

See that stud muffin? Yeah, that's my wonderful husband. He deserves extra brownie points for dealing with my latest episode at the Naval Hospital. 

Warning- this post includes vomit...just so you know

I was a little nervous because give-or-take two weeks ago, I made my final appointment to have an IUD inserted.  Sorry if that's a TMI moment for some of you but that's why I was there.  No wee lil' Erskines for us anytime soon.

Well he drove me there and waited until the procedure was done.  Everything was going well and I got through the procedure like a champ until I started walking.  That's when shittake mushrooms hit the fan. 

You know that feeling you get before you throw up?  That bitter, acidic taste in your throat?  Yup, that happened for a very brief moment.  Of course I'm thinking, "Oh sh*t, this is not happening."  Mind you, the procedure has been done for at least five minutes and I'm already dressed.  So I'm sitting in a chair, sipping on some water by myself in the room trying to calm down the dizziness.  The last time I had a feeling similar to this was after I donated blood and then passed out in an elevator.  I knew it was important to sit.  I texted Ryan saying that I was feeling a little faint so that he understood why it was taking me so long.  He tried to text me back but it was past the point of no return.  I was long past mind over matter, my body was winning this one.  I got up, feeling calm and collected and knowing that I could lean on Ryan if absolutely necessary.  I got about 10 steps out of the waiting room and a dizzy spell hit me like a hurricane.  I had to sit down in the hallway. Yup, right on the hospital wing floor.

Now my charming and loveable husband is cracking jokes, asking me how I feel (as I'm sitting on the tile floor) and trying to take my mind off the situation.  But my body is taking over and I can only focus on the fact that I can't see clearly and I'm trying to figure out if I'll be able to walk.  Screw it, I need a wheelchair and to lie down.  My husband gets some of the staff to help me out and I'm wheeled to a room to rest and sip on water.  I'm lying there in a dizzy spell from hell and of course the cramping from getting an IUD isn't helping the situation.  Ryan continues with jokes to try and get me to laugh but I just can't.  Looking at his face made it worse (I was feeling that awful) and so I rolled over onto my back.  It's not getting better and Ryan keeps trying to get me to drink water.  That's when it hits me...the taste in the back of my throat.  I croak out to Ryan that I'm going to hurl. He's looking for anything in the room and I hear him bolt out of the room frantically asking the staff to get me something.  Then it happened.  Yup, I got sick.  But I can tell you it was like BAM, automatically felt better.  Even the cramping didn't seem so bad after that.  So I'm not sure what that was all about but I definitely made the day a little more interesting and perhaps a little more disgusting for the Naval Hospital staff.

Post-hospital, Ryan took great care of me the rest of the day.  He even made a super yummy dinner.  I was so appreciative of having him to take care of me.  He even cracked more jokes throughout the day and yes, I laughed ;)

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