Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kim Does Pinterest: Scrabble Letter Tiles

 I found this idea on Pinterest and loved it! A really simple DIY project that is great wall decor.

6 pieces of square plywood-$3.29 at Michael's
6 small squares of wood (these will be your spacers)
Hot glue or e6000 glue (aka something that will get them to stay together)
Black acrylic paint
Bristle brushes
Command Strips to hang them up

Step 1. PAINT! Paint each tile with one letter from the word "FAMILY." I had my laptop open at the same time and checked out the correct number of points for each letter.  I'm a perfectionist, I can't help it.  Having different brushes out will also help you transition from making a thicker font to having the accuracy to paint those itty bitty numbers.  Then let each of those tiles dry.  I did this at night while my husby was playing Battlefield, so I did step 2 in the morning.

Step 2.  SPACE & GLUE- first space out your letters and adjust them so they're a little off kilter.   Glue on the small squares onto the front surfaces of three of your letters.  These will act as your spacers and gives 'em dimension (it seriously looks better).  Place more glue on top of the spacers and then lay the remaining tiles on top.  Let them dry.  I would say let this stay for a couple of hours before hanging up.  I could give you a better time frame but I did this project before my husband had leave and so they were "drying" for two weeks before they were hung up.

Step 3.  COMMAND STRIP TIME!  Place command strips accordingly to the three tiles that will be closest to the wall.  Place where ever you so please and voila, new wall decor :)

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