Monday, June 3, 2013

That delightful used book smell aka my adventures at the library book sale

I talk about my love for reading, books, and anything associated with them, quite often.  I've often been asked how I do book hauls, especially since books can be pretty expensive.  I often find new paperbacks are marked at $15 while hardcovers can be $25+.  When numbers start to put you in a daze, I highly recommend checking out your local library.  Whenever I move to a new place, I always get a new library card and it's become quite the collection.  From Wisconsin to Southern California and now Montana, it's a big day when I sign my name to a new library card.  Now for military families, this not only includes the local libraries but ones on military bases as well.  Be sure to check back throughout the week on posts featuring resources that the library provides.  It has become so much more than checking out tangible books.

When you think of spending money at a library, it's usually for late fees but I dropped $25 at my local Montana library for a fundraiser.  I've seen a ton of libraries have book sales where the community donates books for the sale and the library also goes through their collections.  I knew about the book sale a month in advance through library e-mails sent straight to my inbox and fliers throughout the community.  Admittedly this was my first library book sale and I'm just kicking myself for not going to them sooner.  It's an awesome deal!  The first day(s) are usually dedicated to members of the library.  For me, I just needed to pay a reduced fee (yes, reduced down from the normal rate of $15) of $5 to become a member.  Newer books were priced at $3 and the rest were $1 or less.  I went with my friends Nicole and Ashton to peruse through the collections.  The great thing about the first couple days where it's members-only is that you get first choice of the books.  I spent $20 that day, including the $5 fee collecting a ton of books that I had been wanting to read but didn't feel like paying $15-$30 for each one.  I saved hundreds of dollars on that first day alone, but I returned that Sunday for the sack sale.  Basically you could bring your own tote bag or use one of the bags provided for the final day of the sale.  Fill up a bag of books and it would only cost you $2.  Two dollars!! That's less than a drink at Starbucks. I got probably 15 books that day and I had a blast going through the aisles and boxes.  One awesome score from the sack sale was a copy of The Handmaid's Tale, which I have been wanting to read.

Now that I'm a member of the local library, I can participate in group events and library meetings.  I'm a huge proponent of libraries in communities, especially during difficult economic times.  I can't wait to share cooler things and events you can do at the library, so be sure to check back.

Below you'll find my Library Fundraiser Book Haul.  Have you read these beauties?

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  1. Oh, Handmaid's Tale - you're going to be wowed! My mother, who is one of the most well-read people I've ever met, LOVED A Sense Of An Ending. Absolutely loved it - it's on my To Read list!

  2. A bag of books for $2 - it's THE best shopping experience ever. I've avoided it for the last couple of years - so many books, so little time.

  3. Wow -- loads of great books!! My mom has read The Kitchen House and loved it!!

  4. LOVE the Handmaiden's Tale!! had to read for a grad school class and devoured it in like a week!! Lost Symbol is pretty good too. I'm a sucker for Dan Brown's Robert Langdon