Monday, June 17, 2013

Saturday Morning Post: Jamaican Bobsled Team, Mermaids, and a Bull Mastiff

1// I've split my reading time inbetween my Kindle and tangible books.  Absolutely love reading Kisses for Katie and her journey to Uganda to help people.  I have loved her writing prose and everything that she has shared so far. I highly recommend it :)

2// As a member of the Literary Junkies Book Club, I have this opportunity to review a book and Lightbearers has been such a great read.  I can't wait to share my thoughts on this with all of you.

3// Made enchiladas for the first time and they were so good!

4// I really enjoy being silly and adding that fun element to my marriage.  After one of my alerts, I visited my husband at his job and before I went home, I actually propped up a cardboard wall decoration of a hula girl in his driver's seat.  I left him a goofy love note and it had totally freaked him out.  He thought that he had walked into the wrong car!

5// My friend Karla introduced me to an organization called Operation Write Home where you make cards for our troops.  These cards go to our deployed service members and they can select from different cards that are handmade and they send them to their families.

6// My new garden gnome friend for our community garden plot. After a long day of preparing the ground and then planting, I couldn't figure out the watering system.  Thank goodness it rained the next two days.

7// Had a fun dinner at our friends' home.  My friend's husband is a chef and he made this fantastic meal.

8// Before we went on alert one day, we got to meet Devon Harris who was a member of the first Jamaican bobsled team.  Thanks to America300 Tours for having him visit :)

9// My baby Blu has an E. coli infection in his bladder.  It was really frustrating after going to numerous vet visits with him and listing out his symptoms.  It's been an expensive process, especially after finding out that a lab culture we sent out cost $133 (yikes!) and the medicine to treat it is over $200.  I'm really hoping that the bacteria will be killed and he'll be 100% a-ok.

10// We've been helping out our friends Emily and Cory with watching their Bull mastiff, Lily, whenever he's on alert.  She's an absolute joy and such a mellow dog.

11// My commander sent me a picture of her bookshelf and I did a comparison shot.  We both love to read and I'm such a nerd because I love bookshelf shots!

12// In book nerd fashion, I was reading Amazon book reviews and so many folks love Ken Follett's work.  There are also movies based off of many of his books,  so my interested was picqued.  I went to Barnes and Noble and was walking around when I discovered that Fall of Giants was in the clearance section! I was able to score the hardcover edition for a little over $7.  While I was waiting in line to check out, I spotted a superman bookmark with Henry Cavill, be still my beating heart.

13// I've been working on my fitness and I love being inspired by all the fitspo Instagram accounts I follow.  After a fitness aficionado shared this workout, I tried it out myself and loved the weighted tricep dips.

14// My husband needed a designated driver so I found myself driving around the city with his friends and going to The Front, my favorite establishment here.  It's attached to a place called The Faster Bassett which has amazing crepes.

15// Of course, in my DD adventures, we stopped at the Sip n' Dip and yes, this city has mermaids ;)

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  1. Love this! Sounds like a fun filled week :)

  2. Fun recap! I love the joke you played on Ryan. And YAY for fitness!