Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY Bachelorette Sassy Veil Tutorial

As the bachelorette party series continues, I'm sharing my next DIY tuorial on how to make a fun and sassy bachelorette veil.  Now this is ideal for bar crawling, taking shots, playing games, and taking fabulous pictures.  You laugh, but I seriously had to take some of the tulle off because I knew it would get in the way of the bride- ain't nobody got time for that.
In the original picture, you can see many of the supplies you'll need.  I recommend a sewing machine, tape measure, spools of tulle, a sewing needle, thread, a hair comb to hold it in place and some creative touches.

 The first step is to cut the tulle to your desired lengths.  I've seen tutorials use two lengths and some use three.  I used two.  Initially I used 18 inches and then 30 but that was too long.  I ended up trimming the 30 to make it shorter, sassier veil.  I would recommend creating various lengths to build up the volume of the veil and experimenting with what you like.  Remember, you can always cut it down if you don't like the length but you can't add to it once it's cut.

I created three different sections of tulle, of various sizes, to be sewn together.  One section was all pink and the other two were a combination of silver and purple.  You'll gather the tulle by the ends and sew the first section together a few inches down and creating a horizontal seam.  Do this with the other three sections.  Create whatever sections that you feel look best.  I recommend mixing and blending the colors because it looks really neat and with shades of pink, silver, and purple- it's very bachelorette party-esque.

Now that you've sewn the ends of those three sections of tulle, trim off the excess.  You'll want a shorter end to work with as you'll be wrapping that smaller section around the end of the comb.

Wrap the shorter end of a sewn section of tulle onto the middle portion of the comb.  You'll be hand sewing this part through the tulle and through the ends of the comb. 
It will look a little something like that where the stitches go horizontally and not over the top.  Be sure to play with the tulle and adjust accordingly.  Remember to keep in mind where the comb will sit in the bride's hair and how the tulle will be placed around her head.  Sew the other two sections on either side of that middle piece.  Now you have a veil!

Did I try on the veil 50x to make sure Emily could rock it? Absolutely! I also got glitter on every square foot of my house and so I highly recommend having a vacuum nearby for this project.  I had my hair up for this and I actually did readjust my hairstyle a few times to see what would fit best and to make sure it was secure.  You don't want to use too much tulle otherwise the comb will become impossible to have it stay in place, so adding variations of tulle at different lengths helps to create that volume.  Like I said earlier, I started off with too much tulle in terms of how long it was but was able to trim it and you can see that it's at shoulder length.  It won't get in her way of bachelorette shenanigans and it also won't become a nuisance throughout the night.

I'm hoping that if you have a bachelorette party coming up for yourself soon or for a friend that you all can enjoy this tutorial.  It's perfect for birthday parties as well! Thanks again for reading and enjoy the bachelorette party!
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