Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sunny Summer Swap with Heather

I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Heather as part of the Sunny Summer Swap.
What I always enjoy about swaps is the opportunity to meet someone that you might not really know through the blogging community.  Heather totally surprised me by sending two different care packages in the mail and totally caught me off guard.  Thank you so much Heather for taking such careful time and consideration in putting together a fun summer care package.

 In the first package, I received this "strawberry patch" scented candle, which is perfect because I just finished planting my plot for my local community garden.  That was my first time planting fruits and veggies so I'm hoping they thrive!  That first care package also included some adorable gifts for the dogs which you can see their reactions at the end of the post.

 A mini burger press! I know this has to be a Target find and I definitely got a laugh at this burger-made burger press.  With our new grill, Heather got us a great addition to start making some mini patties for cookouts.

 These pens are perfect for when I'm on alerts and need to jot down ideas.  Alerts are most often the time that I organize my schedule and if I have the opportunity, write blog posts.  I also put down ideas for new posts and series. 

 I was rocking flip flops today, which is perfect because with military uniforms I can't wear bold colors but it's always nice to at least have my toes down.  Plus look at that nail file, too cute!

  This was also a perfect item for today when I spent four hours gardening.  I still got a nice tan and am looking forward to spending more time in the sun.  I used to spend hours everyday outside being a lifeguard for four years.  Love the summertime!

Heather also included ingredients for my favorite summertime and camping treat: s'mores!
As if this lady didn't get me enough, she spoiled me with this summertime favorite and we shared it with friends, therefore I don't have a picture but we all found them to be delicious! 

Roasting marshmallows over a fire...with swords.  I guess it was Game of Thrones themed ;)

Heather included treats for Holly and Blu and they loved them! Busy Bones kept them engaged for a good half hour and they always love treats.  A bag of brightly colored tennis balls have been used for numerous games of fetch.  I think you could say that they're quite pleased with blogger swaps as well.

Thank you so much Heather for the great summer care package and I hope we continue to correspond throughout the blogosphere :)


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  1. What fun swap packages! You were definitely spoiled with some great summer goodies (your dogs, too)!

  2. That last picture - I DIE! My goodness that is just perfection :) I bet that candle smells amazing and I love those nail polish colors. Thank you so much for joining us!