Saturday, June 22, 2013

Literary Junkies Link-Up

1.  What are you currently reading? Tell us about it.
I recently wrapped up Silver Linings Playbook and I absolutely loved it.  I liked it more than the movie (shocking) but I also really like the movie, so I'll try to put together kind of a "reasons why" post in the near future.  I'm also reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella.  So far John Green's book has been really captivating and I already love the characters.  Kinsella's is hilarious and entertaining as always with her characters bolding declaring their faults and sharing those with the readers.

2. Who is your favorite book character and why?
I think I have a type, and maybe it's the "popular" kid that you're meant to love in the book.  The type of character that stirs your heart and right now I'm really loving Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars.  There's something about his charm, humor, and earthiness that just draws me to him.  The fact that when he met Hazel, he gave her a book recommendation and she did the same, had me just glowing with that fictional character envy.  It was the type of move that more guys (and ladies) should try.  When my husband and I were dating, he would manage to pull single acts that were so heartfelt, although simplistic in their nature, that they would leave lasting impressions on me.  He didn't even realize it but because of his genuine nature, the process worked itself.  That's how I see Augustus so far and I can't wait to read on.

3. What would the title of your memoir be?
I have no idea.  The first thing that came into mind was something about the nuclear field or being in the military but I don't know if I want my entire memoir to be named with that.  Then I thought about my personality and the drive that I have, not only to succeed in life by my standards but how I love to see life with optimistic eyes.  I'm really not sure what I would call it but maybe one day I'll have that figured out.

4. You be the director! Cast your favorite book characters for the movie version that has not yet been made.
I have a post about the book, Redeeming Love, in which I cast Henry Cavill as Michael Hosea.  Have you seen him in Man of Steel?  Boy howdy is that man sexy.   

5. What book or series do you remember reading as an elementary/middle school age?
The Babysitter's Club! Ann M. Martin is actually doing a re-release of the books with new covers because they've been in such high demand recently.  I definitely want to start saving them for my future kids.

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