Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inspiring My Love for Jesus

Aubrey Kinch creates beautiful freebies weekly and "be blessed beautiful" is my computer's background and iPhone's wallpaper.  Its simple message reminds me that regardless of how I feel today, tomorrow, or anytime, I am blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people things.

I came across the Back to the Bible app via Instagram and it's a 60-day devotional of sorts.  I really like the layout and not only is it an app, but it also has a coinciding journal app to record your thoughts.

I love both of these so far! The day that I read my first passage in The Confident Woman Devotional, I penned my first site on alert all by myself.  I know this means nothing to 98% of you reading this, but it was a big deal to me.  I sometimes lack confidence when it comes to my AF careerfield because I didn't choose it and I was not a tech major in college.  Despite these two fatal flaws, the AF made me an operator.  I work really hard to be both competent and confident in this careerfield.  The passage talked about having courage and faith in yourself and voila, coincidentally I penned it that day, too.

One Thousand Gifts and the Devotional both were in my hands at Barnes and Noble and since I really (really really really) like journaling and writing, I went with the devotional.  Now I wish I splurged and got both!  The purpose of "one thousand gifts" is literally that, to learn to appreciate at least 1000 gifts/blessings/praises/mercies in your life.  It's a life dare that's so simple and so meaningful- it's something that I think most people would appreciate having that perspective in their lives.

Jud Wilhite's new Bible release, The Uncensored Truth, is a pretty awesome Bible.  It's a NLT version and although I do not attend his parish or church, he seems like an AMAZING pastor.  Please check it out and have a read through.  He is casual, yet inspiring and it's incredibly refreshing.  I know I get excited about things, but when I was reading this while on alert, it captivated me.

I have had my eye on the ESV Study Bible ever since I saw ShesSewSassy's account on Instagram, raving about it.  I really love reading different translations of the Bible and despite this love, I haven't read the entirety of the Bible but it's a goal of mine :)

My favorite Christian jewelry just involves a simple cross.  My sideways cross necklace has been accompanying me everywhere, especially on alert.  My devotion to Christ while starting this career path has provided a lot of solace from stress.  I also like having it as a simple of what I've been focusing my life on.  If you're looking for something similar, try ThreeBirdNest's sideways gold cross.

What inspires you? I've started listening to Christian radio stations, especially after I realized how ridiculous the song "Blurred Lines" is and the fact that Robin Thicke completely dismisses the song's impact.  If you have any Christian song recommendations, books, devotionals or just inspiring things (doesn't have to be Christian-related), I would love to hear them!

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  1. I am currently doing a bible study with She reads truth. i love it! I hope you are doing well!

    (huge hugs)