Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites Collection
I love Fall and often times combine its seasonal fun with that of Christmas and winter time.  Living in Montana, the climate is pretty similar to Wisconsin's and I love chilly weather clothing because of it.  I love snuggling up with a good book while wearing a cozy sweater, topped off with a warm scarf.  Warm neutrals and anything pumpkin-related are my favorite things for this season.  The clothing is always so chic and I feel you can pair a sweater with leggings, jeans, or anytime of fabric and it looks awesome.  I don't have that Louis Vuitton bag up there, but it's definitely on my Christmas wish list :)  I just made pumpkin cake cookies from a spice cake box mix and they're the perfect treat for when the weather starts to get cooler.  Baking with Christmas music floating in the background from my favorite Pandora station just makes me incredibly happy.  My husband loves the pumpkin cake cookies and especially enjoys them with a hot cup of coffee.  

What are some of your fall favorites?

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  1. I"m so excited for fall. I"m going to have to check out Bath & Body Works because I've heard so much about those candles and lord knows I love candles. I'm obsessed with Gavin Degraw. I've loved him for forever, since the first album whenever that was. Those bags are amaizng, gotta love Louis. And scarves, yes please! I love them.

  2. Fantastic list! I have loved the LV bag for a long time, great choice! And a good cozy scarf is perfect for fall.


  3. Great collection, Kim! I love pumpkin anything in the fall and that first chill in the air that makes you want to wrap yourself up in a warm blanket with a hot cup of something yummy. I love the countryside in the fall with the changing leaves. It's breathtaking! And I love candles. Bath & Body Works has some great fall scents out right now. I'm burning their Apple Ale candle as I write this!

  4. GAVIN DEGRAW!! Definitely one of my favorites! Pumpkin cake cookies?! That sounds delicious! I love fall even though it doesn't really exists here in FL!

  5. Ooooo, you have me in the mood for fall BIG TIME. I am all for the chill of autumn, candles, and pumpkin flavored everything.

    It's so lovely to meet you, Kim. And thank you for your service in the AF!

  6. Thank you! It's an honor to serve my country :)

    Currently my house is absorbed into as many fall things as I can find. My husband even complimented me on my fall scent finds :)

  7. He has some awesome songs and for some reason, I just recently heard "Soldier."
    Pumpkin cake cookies are so yummy and so easy to make!

  8. B&BW candles are so clutch (but kind of expensive). Definitely look out for their buy 2 for $20 deal because that's really the only time they make sense at their price lol. Scarves are probably my most favorite fall accessory, well, besides boots :)

  9. I really want a Louis, so badly lol.
    I feel like my husband would say, "what's a Louis." #facepalm

  10. I lurve B&BW candles. They smell so divine! Last year, my roommate and I made numerous trips there to stock up on their candle sales. If they were a little more affordable, I'd probably burn a bigger hole in my wallet :P
    Growing up in WI, we always had the four seasons but people were saying that we don't really have fall in Montana. Fortunately, I'm witnessing changing leaves before snow hits, so I'll count that!