Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Wisdom Teeth, Gratitude, & Beautiful Messes 

1// Military Mondays will be starting this summer and I am looking for military spouses and bloggers to help co-host. It'll be a series talking about tips and advice for adjusting to military life and living on a military base. If you're interested feel free to leave a comment, tweet, or send an e-mail.

2// I was so excited last night to finally receive an e-mail after multiple attempts to try to find a copy of a Sophie Kinsella eBook to rent.  I was hunting down all of my library cards from everywhere that I've lived at and filling out book checkouts.  I really wanted to find a copy of The Wedding Night but was excited to see I've Got Your Number.  This is definitely something that I want to share on the great uses of a library.

3// In case you haven't already linked up, I am the host for this weeks Preview to Summer prompt and I gave our participants the option to choose between two challenges: Literary Soundtracks and Character Crushes.

4// I don't know about y'all, but I could sure go for a vacation.  Vegas sounds pretty good right now.

5// Ryan and I were roaming around on Saturday and stopped at Home Depot to pick gardening supplies when we saw this lil' guy.  We ended up purchasing our own little love fern cacti and named her Rosie.  Apparently this cacti is a "red-headed Irishman."

6// After checking out and scoring at a local library pre-sale, friends and I headed to a local park called Giant Springs.  The terraced rocks and mini waterfalls were pretty beautiful and it definitely put some emphasis on me to explore more of Montana.

7// Pictures for 7 and 9 kind of go together since this week I had four wisdom teeth removed and with little to no swelling, I put on some make-up and felt really good.  I haven't really had that opportunity to get "dolled up" in awhile and it felt nice.

8// With time to myself and time off work, I was able to paint my nails something a little wilder.  The star sparkles are from Wet n' Wild's Fergie collection.

9// Post-wisdom teeth removal, I was laying in bed and my beautiful Holly girl laid her body on me and next to me as she continually licked my hand.  She seemed so worried and I love my beautiful baby girl.

10// Everyone in the Instagram world should know about The Beautiful Mess app by now.  I think it is such a fun way to add little extras to your Instagram pictures and it's just a neat thing to try out.  If you haven't seen The Beautiful Mess blog, I highly recommend checking that out.

11// I don't know if y'all caught Erin's speech from The Elevate Conference, but I was inspired by a post on her blog, Living in Yellow.  Her post, The Speech: My Story, talked about how she started in blogging and what inspired her.  I was surprised to see The Gratitude Journal featured in the post. That was something that I had in my hands at Barnes and Noble and walked around the store for a couple hours and eventually put it back.  That's one of my tactics to resist impulse buying but it was also something that I really wanted.  After I saw the post, I went to Barnes and Noble and bought it.  I've been experiencing some lulls lately in my work life and I like to focus on the positives.  You can't let negative things bring you down.

12// Finally, this is an image from the commercial that I made for Ryan and my anniversary.  It's a complete surprise to him but I'm creating a romantic, honeymoon-esque dinner because we never had a honeymoon.  I made a resort and need to pick up decorations but I'm so excited about this.  I can't wait to share it with all of you soon :)
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  1. I'm a milspouse. I'd love to be a part of Military Monday!

    1. Wonderful! If you don't mind, could you send me an e-mail to We can talk more details, but to get the ball rolling is there anything you'd like to talk about specifically?

  2. You look fantastic after having oral surgery! And of course I love how Holly "took care of you" when you were recovering.


  3. I still need to do my post on the Preview to Summer link-up yet. :) Soon!