Monday, October 28, 2013

Blind Date with a Book Sign-Up October 28-November 10

Nicole and I are so excited that you're visiting this post because it's time for the next Blogger Book Exchange!  This time we're mixing things up and predominantly using Instagram to share our love for reading, books, and meeting other bloggers & social media enthusiasts (aka all the cool kids do it).  

This time around participants (that's you!) will be giving two books to your partner.  One book will come from your partner's list that she will give you of about 10 or so fairly priced books.  The other book will be a favorite of yours that you would love to share with your partner.  In the sign-up sheet you will be given the option to choose whether you would prefer new or used books, with the understanding that you will be doing the same for your partner.  In the theme of "blind dates" you will also wrap your books up before mailing them on the 25th and 26th of November.

Here are a few expectations before you sign-up:
  • Participants must live within the continental U.S. and must be at least 18-years or older.
  • If you sign up you absolutely must participate.  It stinks to have a partner that you can't count on.
  • Participants will be purchasing two books for their partner.
  • Participants are expected to wrap the books for the blind date with a book theme and then ship them to their partner.
  • Provide an e-mail that you check and respond to every 72 hours.
  • Although not mandatory, we strongly encourage having an Instagram account for this.
  • If your partner fails to participate, despite the agreement, Nicole and Kim cannot compensate you. We apologize for this but it's just not fiscally feasible for two young people to take that on.
  • If you fail to participate, you will no longer be allowed to participate in any future exchanges or swap programs.
Important Dates:
October 28- November 10: Sign-ups
November 10- 12: Partner assignments distributed
November 17-19: Instagram Link-ups
November 25-26: Books are out in the mail
December 1-3: Instagram Link-ups
December 9: All Instagram pictures from the exchange are posted
December 10-11: Blog post provided by Kim and Nicole sharing all of the festivities

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Sign-ups are now closed

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  1. Signed up and ready to go! I am super excited...

  2. What a neat link up idea! This is very unique, thanks for sharing.

  3. I very much appreciate your vulnerability.

  4. Thanks Autumn! I thought it was a lot of fun and a great way to be honest with yourself and what you may need to work on in your life.

  5. Thank you! I enjoy using this space to be honest about myself and what I struggle with. Sometimes it's good to know that other people are just as imperfect, especially in this social media-dominated world where everything looks so perfect on the surface.