Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My anniversary is coming up

Our second year anniversary is rapidly approaching and if you don't know I have a mad love the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Neil Patrick Harris, one of my favorite actors, was recently on and shared his 40th birthday experience, albeit a few months early.

The gears in my head started to turn and all the creative juices started working.
Originally Ryan and I were happy with settling for dinner at home and we're doing a joint gift of getting a new TV, but it definitely doesn't hurt to be a little creative with love.
Our budget is pretty tight with paying car loans and my students loans, but I think it's a welcome challenge to work with a budget.  I could put together a scavenger hunt but I also don't have a ton of cash.  Any ideas?

For those who are married or dating, what did you do to celebrate your second anniversary or any anniversary?

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  1. I'm coming up on my 6th anniversary this summer, which is really hard to believe! Thinking back, for our first 2 anniversaries, we went out for a fancier dinner and then stayed in a nice hotel, just to get a change from a regular date night. The last few years, it seems like something else is always going on around that time, so we just pick a day for a fancier dinner. I don't know what we are going to do this year!

  2. Ok... i LOVE this. My husband just turned 39 and I'm wondering how I could pull this off. Obviously I don't have the income/connects they have but how incredibly awesome. Being a master even planner, I am SURE I could come up with something!

    Our second anniversary was pretty low key. we were really young... I was barely 20. Next year will be our 20th and I'm thinking I could do this in between his birthday and our anniversary- (they are a month a part) and do it as a joint thing... wow! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. What about a scavenger hunt around Great Falls since you're both kind of new to the city? Just you know find random signs or landmarks and take pics, etc. Wouldn't neeed money for it.

  4. i LOVE scavenger hunts!!! anything hand made is always mean more to me than something store bought. you are so creative, i cannot wait to see what you come up with!