Tuesday, April 29, 2014

10 Life Moments That Built My Character #7

7// The moment I found out that my future father-in-law had passed away

As a plane was taxing on the runway in San Diego, my husband had just received terrible news.  Only two weeks ago had he been in Wisconsin to mourn the death of his grandfather and now he had learned that his father had passed away from heart complications.  We were getting married in four days. 
I believe that God gives us life challenges to strengthen our character.  At that very moment I think my brain just went on hiatus.  At that moment I think I had hit the end of my rope.  I had gotten into a huge rift with my family and felt like I was losing friends over getting married.  I had planned most of anything wedding related on my own and had dealt with a budget under $1000.  I was exhausted and worn out.  At the thought of losing a family member who had just told me to take care of his son as he kissed me on the cheek was devastating.  I felt like God was throwing me every curve ball in the book. 
I'm sure you could interpret that in so many different ways.  Get married or don't get married. But I think God forced me to simplify my viewpoint in that situation.  It was me and Ryan.  We had the support of a few friends and family members but it wasn't a grandiose event, it was very simplified. God made me think long and hard about marrying this man and the answer was simple, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.  Nothing worth fighting for is easy but it's worth it.

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