Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thoughts On a Budget or When You're Just Really Cheap

Oh no...another list ;)

Thoughts I Had Once I Got Married...

Became a Grown Up...

Moved to Another State...etc.

1. Victoria's Secret panties are seriously made of the worst lace/fabric on the market. I only get to buy new underpants sparingly and you better believe I am not shelling out $7/panty for holey underpants.

2. Avoiding beauty vloggers because they are like the sirens of the internet world and before you know it, you've spent $30 on various shades of pink lipstick at CVS.

3. But you can't avoid the beauty vloggers because they have the best tips on what drugstore make-up to buy since there's no way in H-E-Double hockey sticks that you can afford NARS, MAC, Urban Decay, or any of your other besties.

4. Realizing that your excellent and expensive Vibram toe shoes are almost two years old. Well, the running shoes I prefer are like $150+ so I guess I can get a different pair of running shoes.  Oh look the sale rack! Two weeks later you feel the regret through shin splints. 

5. When you go out to a restaurant, order water, and avoid the $10 appetizers. No one has time for expensive "Cowboy nachos" drenched in blue cheese. #gross

21 Sure Signs You're A College Senior

6. When you're at bars with friends and they're buying $12 martinis.  "Um, I'll have a shirley temple...make that a water...wait, do you charge for water?"

7. You become a regular at the library because they have free printing (10 sheets a turn) and you feel the same gratification of walking through a bookstore for hours without paying a single cent.

8. Speaking of the library, your Kindle is filled with ebooks borrowed from the library. No thank you I will not get the Kindle Daily Deal, I will have it fo free.

9. Friend wants to move but hates moving, says she'll hire movers. Um no.  You call and text everyone in your contacts list and gather a posse of friends with the promise of beer and food.

10. Can't afford a vacation, so you sign up for every Disney vacation giveaway online.  You may also start drafting letters to Ellen saying how badly you need a vacation.

11. It's time for the offering at church and you're staring at your wallet realizing that you only have a $20 on you.  You start scouring in the nooks and crannies of your tote for ones or fives. #dearlordthisismybudget #showmethemoney #letthejudgementbegin 

12. Really wants professional photos taken of the fambam. Realizes that professional photos reasonably and fairly do cost a lot of money.  Family photos are taken via tripod.

13. You are an expert at finding free community events and was one of the first to realize in your friendship circle that you could reserve Redbox movies online.  Also, that sh*t is now $1.29.

21 Sure Signs You're A College Senior

14. Walking around a clothing rack, incorporating your price debating method to figure out if this is a deal or not.  "That's see-through fabric, you are high if you think that's worth $30." This can take several hours if you're really into a store and it also applies to scrapbook paper at Michael's.

15. Becoming well acquainted with your university's complaint filing system because of the frequency of use on over-priced, under qualified books.  "Right because the publisher writing the questions versus the professor quantifies me paying $300 for this books...ah no."

Finally, no matter how "cheap" your are, I feel like we tend to appreciate the things that really do matter in life.  Budget be damned ;)    

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