Sunday, September 16, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This just may be my over-used excuse that is getting me in trouble with my husband.

Source: Fanpop
This was definitely the face I've been making towards my husband whenever we get into a financial discussion. I think my biggest fault in life is how much I value a good time.  Well with my new job, new place, new everything, I have a ton of girlfriends who love having fun.  I feed off of that energy...I'm an enabler.  So visiting a local college town with some great shopping got me into trouble with Ryan, again.  Young, single ladies love to go out to eat, shop, see $10 movies in theaters, etc.  I've got to learn that's not the case with me.  The funky part is that a lot of us are married, we just like having a good time.  I need to have more self-control with that otherwise I'm going to get into more fights with my husband and that's just no bueno. =/

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