Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wanna Hold Your Hand Forever, and Never Let You Forget It

Yes, those are lyrics from Hunter Hayes' song, "Wanted."
It's melodious charm was stuck in my head all day during class.
Plus, I just love it.

I'm going on Week 2 of classes and it's going well.
Now I purposely try to avoid talking too much about work/school on here for various reasons but something that is important to know is that the standards for this type of training is perfection.
Therefore, you can't slip up.
No joke, getting one wrong on a quiz is pushing it.
However, I am thoroughly loving the challenge and the opportunity to meet new people.

This past weekend my roommate and I hung out with a bunch of our friends.
Friday night we ended up at Panera with a large group of us and I ended up eating a man size load of soup and sandwiches.  It's a good day at Panera when that happens.
Afterwards we made a trip to Trader Joe's, where I got a Lucky Bamboo plant and my roomie got a wine bottle with a sa-weet Dias de los Muertos design.
Unfortunately its luck ran short as Holly knocked it off of the kitchen counter this morning, shattering it and the wine was kind of bitter but by golly, I drank it.
Taking one for the team.
We all gathered at a friend's apartment to watch Finding Nemo and it was fantastic as always.
My husband has never seen it. <---blasphemous, I know.
I think I may need to rent another copy from the library this weekend.
I sent him an emojicon of the "Touch the Butt" scene from the movie and he had no idea what I was talking about.  I'm sure he thought I was trying to be suggestive...while using symbols of aquatic life.

Saturday we visited San Luis Obispo, the college town for Cal Poly.
I went to Madison where there is some gorgeous State Street, outdoor shopping.
SLO outdoes this completely.
It is the best outdoor, college town shopping I have ever seen.
There was an Apple Store, B&BW, AVEDA school salon (aka way cheaper salon services), Woodstock Pizzeria, stationary store, crafting store (a way over-priced Joanne Fabrics type deal), college apparel, GAP, Barnes and Noble, Victoria's Secret, Jamba Juice, and much more.
All of this was just available for window shopping and OUTDOORS.
The town is super cute and quaint, I just loved it.
I would love State Street to have a bit of an update like that.
I spent quite a bit of moola there, to which Ryan was not thrilled about.
However, I think I'm stocked up on B&BW candles products to last me until their next holiday surge.
We hit up Pismo Beach for a little bit of touristy shopping.

I thought my evening was done until Brittany decided to purchase a fire pit.
So she goes off to Home Depot to purchase said firepit for the backyard, plus s'mores and all other essentials for pyro-ness-ness.
A couple of our friends come over, made fun of our fire-making technique and then took over.
I fed them chicken curry and rice (good hostess, yes?)
  and they convinced us to check out this hole-in-the wall bar that was their favorite place to go to.
It was a fricken blast.
Empty, old folks bars have a lot of potential.
They have a lot of character to them, plus the drinks aren't $12.
And that my friends is a major plus.

Sunday rolls around and I came to realize that I am not a college freshman, therefore my body will not recover like that of one and I didn't help my cold out either.
It has gotten better but I'm sure that's due more to rest versus anything else.
I was able to check out the commissary and it is significantly better than Camp Pendleton's.
I have a lot of pride in my husband's branch of service, but let's be real, 
the AF knows how to treat its folks.
This commissary had competitive prices to that of the city's grocery stores.
Back in Oceanside, it was definitely the other way around.
I also have mad love for the Library and the Airman Family Readiness services, 
but I'll cover more of that in a different blog post.


I thought I would share this sneak peek of a recent photoshoot 
that Ryan and I did before I left for my base.

I was so excited to get the picture disk in the mail today!
I'll have to share more in the near future.

Much Love!

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