Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sinus Pressure & Carpets that Smell...Off

I don't know what it is...
it could be allergies,
a wicked cold,
or life just spitting on me in the form of copious amounts of snot.
But, I'm sick.

Nevertheless, I thought this would be an ideal time to reminisce on the move up to my new base.
My roommate Brittany and I are renting a house.
It's big, it's nice, it's ballin-shock-callin.
It seriously is a nice house in a beautiful neighborhood.
I Google Mapped that ish before we moved.
I mean it was key that I figure out the distance from work because I don't like long commutes and to figure out if the neighborhood was majorly sketchy.
It's not...that's a good thing.
We also have a big yard which is perfect for the Hollinator and all of her romping around adventures.
I'm debating whether or not to post pictures...I may post a few in the next couple of days but I do like my privacy so please don't be offended if I ask you to use the brilliance of your imaginations.

Ok so we arrive on base and are staying at base lodging.
Brit and I are total newbs.
Wee lil babes lost in the world of becoming a part of the "real Air Force."
Everything is going well until we drive to our property manager's
office which is over a half hour away to sign our lease.
As the reader, I'm sure you'll recognize several key "red flags" in this post.
Like hey Kim, you should have had your property manager meet you at the house instead of haulin' your booties all the way to their office.
I would promptly respond, why thank you reader for saving me the time and hassle.
I really could have used you in my backseat at the time.
So we drive to their office, have a little difficulty finding it and then sit down to sign the lease.
SHE (the property manager staff member that we've been working with) basically pro-rated us for the days that we haven't been living there.
Mind you we just moved, so there is no way that the military has our stuffed moved from multiple states yet, plus we're staying at base lodging.
We even expressed this to her before we left our respective dwellings.
Since the earlier date was on the application, that's what she went with.
Of course, she didn't tell me this until the day of 
but hey there's nothing like scamming two fresh-out-of-college butter bars.

It gets better.

So we drive back to our new house and it's amazing.
Three bedrooms, two full baths, a living room, kitchen, dining room, two-car garage...the works!
The kicker is that the previous owners basically ran their house into the ground.
The carpet reeked of animal.
Like they just let their dog and/or cat just mark everything.
Oh hey every corner in the house, if I haven't peed on you yet, 
don't worry I have you booked for after lunch.
It also didn't have a working smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector.

Well after several phone calls and some detective work on my part,
everything was taken care of...except for the carpet.
Brittany autobahned (I don't think that's even remotely close to how it's spelled) the carpet when I went to pick up my dog (she was back in the old town) and then I rented a Rug Doctor and we went to work on the house.  
I videotaped every aspect of the house.
There are holes in the walls where nails used to be, weeds in the cracks of the back patio, lack of door stoppers, mildew underneath the sinks because of the lack of exhaust fans and just some jankiness going about.

With a little TLC- it's back in business.
We have our things moved in, fully utilized Bath and Body Works candles, and the carpets are amazing because we cleaned them ourselves.
Btw, I am obsessed with B&BW candles, scents, plug-ins, etc.
Holy geez it smells so good and I'm doubly obsessed with fall scents,
especially anything with a pumpkin scent.
I also went to Home Depot and got my DIY on.
I installed new doorstops where they didn't exist, put up new blinds, and I think something else but let's just say I was pumped to be a handy lady.
Yes, they were really simple jobs but I had never done them before so I was and still am excited.
Walking through the enormous aisles of Home Depot almost made me wish the house was ours so we could actually invest time and money into it.
It's a shame that the previous owners did such a crap job.

I'm now waiting on one more shipment of goods from Wisconsin and I will have so many awesome things to remind me of home.


Have you ever gotten jealous of someone else because of the stuff that they had?
My roommate has a kickass bedroom set...I'm jealous.
Her room actually looks like a bedroom and mine looks like I'm a starving artist that enjoys Pinterest.
 However, I have been making the occasional trip to Marshals and Goodwill.
I'm determined to make my little space a beautiful room without breaking the bank.
The Goodwill here has the most amazing book selection that I have ever seen.
I seriously am loving it.

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