Monday, October 15, 2012

5 in Five


Fantastically Average has this simple, yet practical link-up that I am just lovin' for a Monday.
Five goals that you would like to complete in five days.
Mine are rather mundane but it gets a little spicier towards the end of the week.

1. Do the laundry.  

Yes, the large pile that I periodically stare at while typing this.
Did anyone else notice the baby in this picture? Um, that's not mine.

 2. Plan a morale party for the last day with our instructor.

Missiles training is going by so quickly and our current instructor has been awesome so we're celebrating on Thursday with an in-class shin dig.  Remember those back in grade school?  Your classmates all brought in snacks and the best ones were the goodie bags that parents made.  Plus you got stoked outta-yo-mind when you saw the TV on the tv cart in the classroom.
We're totally doing this except I'm without a Barbie backpack 
and we're all past the legal drinking age.

3. Add more Halloween decorations

Let's be honest, one cannot have too many Halloween decorations.

4. Take a lot of pictures at Brittany's Halloween-themed Birthday Party.

 Expect a blog post because Kim Erskine is the shiz-nit at planning parties.
Expect a Katy Perry-last-friday-night-extravaganza

Don't you just love the 80s? The music, the hair, the neon fantastic.

5. Remember to vacuum more than once.

Hi, my name is Kim and I own a German Shepherd.  Literally so much dog hair everywhere.
I did, however, purchase a Furminator via Amazon and I am so excited to get it.
Amazon is my homegirl.
Thank you for making an app to make purchasing thing(s) more convenient.
Don't forget that I'm doing a swap-ortunity this month!

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  1. Great list! Thanks so much for linking up!! I'm excited to see how you do next week. And have fun at your parties this week - sounds FUN!

  2. I LOVE your list- you sound like you have lots of great things coming your way :) Thanks for linking up!!

  3. Ahhhh lauuundry! I shoudl have put that on my life BUT I didn't want to do it. haha Maybe next week.