Sunday, October 28, 2012

Currently [V1: Halloween12]

I came across this link-up called, "Currently" and I thought it would be perfect for things that I wanted to express without putting it into a random post.

worrying, listening to, wishing, observing, considering

Currently Worrying: I try not to worry about too many things but I think the thing that I am most worried about this week is the concept of marriage. While scrolling through the boards of Pinterest, this caught my eye, 25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband. It's a really good post and although the author references passages from the Bible, I think it's still strongly applicable to any marriage. I started to think into this more and how I could respect my husband Ryan in a more positive light. I am by no means a perfect wife, I'm actually a really goofy partner. I'm naturally bad at sharing, I'm stubborn and can be very difficult depending on the situation. There's a lot in this list alone that I need to improve upon.  
Like keeping the house clean- I'm terrible at this and I don't like to clean but it's something that I actively need to work on.  Ryan told me that when I take over the counter space in the bathroom with my make-up, lotion, hair products, etc., it makes it difficult for him to find a space.  In turn, he feels like when he moves up here and finishes his Marine Corps contract that he won't have a space up here.  That definitely broke my heart.  Then I feel terrible, so I am trying to make sure that my husband feels like he belongs here and that I'm not being incredibly obnoxious with my use of space.  Dress to Please Him- this is a funny one.  While Ryan was deployed, it was like a get out of jail free card when it came to shaving my legs.  If I didn't want to wear make-up...whatevs.  It's not like I was trying to attract anyone.  It's laziness at its finest and an art that I cultivated for over seven months.  However that occasionally creeps back in whenever he visits.  I'll all of a sudden realize that my legs aren't shaved and they're awfully prickly.  I usually notice this when I realize that I've also taken over the bathroom counter space.  See my predicament?   
Be Content- This is a tricky one.  I love my husband as my best-friend and partner.  I love the life that we share together.  I think the problem with this is that we are hand fed ideas from the media, books, movies and even Pinterest on what life is supposed to be like.  Sometimes, I struggle with this.  Would having the headboard hand carved from scrap wood that costs a million dollars be really cool...yes, but is it within our  That's usually the problem that occurs with things.  I've been really wanting a DSLR camera for blogging and just taking pictures of our life and family.  They're expensive cameras and I asked for one for my birthday but the same time, I need to be realistic.  I have to actively work on all of these things and more.

Having just found out that one of my friends is getting a divorce, it only further reinforces why communication in a marriage is so important.  We get into fights but a marriage is a partnership and I could never see myself in that situation but at the same time, that's because we both actively try to compromise.

Currently Listening To:  Madilyn Bailey- she is amazing and does really sweet covers of songs.  I'm particularly enjoying her cover to Justin Bieber's song, "boyfriend."  Her songs are also available on iTunes.  They're super catchy and I'm definitely jamming to them as I write this :)

Currently Wishing:  Nikon D3100 - Amazon link
Swoon...that's all I need to say.  I've wanted a DSLR for so long.

 Currently Observing:  Two things- the first is that a lot of people are voting early and that is awesome.  It's our responsibility as [well-informed] and responsible citizens to vote.  Plus it's my first time submitting an absentee ballot due to the military- if you couldn't tell, I'm pretty excited.  I also strongly encouraged my husband to vote and he submitted his absentee ballot even before I did!  My second observation is how bad I have been at communicating and keeping in touch with my friends.  I've started using Facebook as a crutch.  My reliance on checking people's FB profiles is embarrassing.  I think the 2+ hour time difference combined with training has become my dominant excuse but at the same time, I need to work on that.  So friends, if you're reading this, I have not forgotten about you.  I simply just suck at keeping in touch :/

 Currently Considering: Seeing the movie, Cloud Atlas. After seeing a few friends post about their love for the book on Facebook, I visited our local bookstore and picked up a copy.  Here is the movie trailer (extended version) if you haven't already seen it: 

 I also really would like to see the movie, Argo.  Dear movie theaters, if you could cut the cost of tickets to 50%, I would appreciate it.

In other news, I need to get my Halloween greeting cards out to my family and friends and I'm actually looking forward to taking down my Halloween decorations.  I'm more of a Christmas gal ;)


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