Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Love for my Sorority Sisters

One of my favorite aspects of being in a sorority are the family trees.  There are several "clans" or families and I consider the people in them to be some of my closest friends.  Our family trees hold us together, mentor us, bring us through the challenges that becoming an adult presents to us, and are just there to be real.  My Big, also named Kim, is one of the most uplifting people that I know.  She is fun, silly, genuine, compassionate and endearing.  She was there to guide me through heartbreaks and successes.  She's my sorority momma and I love her dearly.  Being a freshman in college is such an exciting adventure.  Everything is new, fresh, and opportunities are consistently at your feet.  I absolutely love everything about her, especially the phone calls and messages sent after we've completed our college careers.

When it was time to become a sorority momma, I had three littles: Brooke, Angie, and Erica.  Brooke ended up going different ways than sorority life but we still kept in touch.  Angie and Erica are absolutely phenomenal young women.  They do so much already and contribute so much to Theta.  They definitely make me so proud.  The one thing I regret about college is that I was involved so much in everything that I couldn't spend more time with them.  These ladies held me up probably far more than I did for them.  They have always been awesome, mature, and some of my best-friends.  They too, have Littles, of their own.

Now there are two ladies on this tree that aren't part of my direct family branch but like the others are some of my best-friends.  Ann is so fricken hilarious.  She kept me sane when I was a House Fellow and when my husband was deployed.  She's so genuine and sticks to her convictions.  From a young age she has always had to be an adult, something that I could always relate to and it was just something we bonded over.  Similarly, Jen has been one of my best-friends since we were little kids.  We grew up together, swam together, went to school together and even joined the same sorority.  She is one kick-ass lady.

From these ladies I learned true compassion and caring.  I'll admit that I haven't kept in touch with many ladies from my sorority, but surprisingly enough, I've cultivated relationships with many of the younger members.  I would love to go back to Madison and meet the new Thetas.  There is so much that Theta has taught me and helped me through the years.  We spent so many nights in the lounge snacking and watching chick flicks.  I remember getting ready on Friday nights in the shared bathrooms with music floating through the halls.  I love my roommates and floormates.  They were there when I was so excited about my upcoming date with a really cute Marine, who would eventually become my husband.  We had snowball fights and themed socials together, as well as good cries and shared meals.  I definitely miss all of these beautiful ladies and wish them the best!


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  1. love this. and it makes me miss my littles!

  2. Thank you so much for linking up! I absolutely love my family tree. The bond that you create with them is so special! Yours sounds pretty awesome too.

  3. Sounds like you have a great family tree! Makes me miss my sorority family!

  4. I love Thetas! I was an ADPi at Mizzou, but I was really close with some Theta sisters, and we liked to joke that we were "ThetADPi," which I actually mentioned in my post for this link-up! It's so fun seeing all the other Greek bloggers out there.